Protect That High $$$ Finish On Your EDC

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    Holster lubricant?
    Now I've seen everything

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    You might need it that holster I made you was really small. I think you wife messed up the measurements. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    You better order a bottle just in case
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    I'll just use spit and my pinkey thank you.
    That holster lube might be just the thing for your penis holster.
    Don't use too much lube though you may get an AD.
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    You mean the little penis holster... Right? ;)

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    Think of it as Butthurt creme.........
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    A better question is, why do you have a high $$$ finish on your EDC? On your EDC, if you're going to pay for a "special" finish, you get a finish which is durable; one that you don't have to protect and baby. Because... wait for it... it's your EDC.

    Just use the standard finish that comes from the factory with your EDC. When it "wears out" either have it repaired (i.e.: reblued) or get it refinished with a durable protection. You don't want your CC holster to release your gun too easily. It's supposed to be able to "retain" the firearm until you draw it.

    Save the high $$$ finish that you have to baby for your BBQ gun.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Personally I like the look of holster wear. It shows that a gun has been used for its intended purpose. Dents, heavy scratches, and chips tend to show abuse, but a little silver showing through doesn't bother me in the least.

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    My sarcasm button wasn't working............;)

    This is stuff for IDPA people, other competition shooters, evidently DPD is giving it a try.

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    Tell you what. I got "comped" a can by one of the owners. I will tell you this. In my brand new Alien Gear 3.0? It is really nice! Makes things very smooth. That is the holster for the Shield9. After testing I ordered a can to be shipped to my brother from Amazon for his 2 new G19's that he and his wife shoot IDPA with. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to spray my 3.0 G27 holster. ;)
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    lets hope it doesn't turn out to be