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  1. Lots of new babies our there these days, and young families. I'm so happy with my kids right now, I just wanted to share what you all have to look forward to, God willing and with the right investment in time, tears and all that. This is NOT to brag, just a proud papa.

    Good news, my daughter will graduate and become a chiropractor this month. She's pretty smart. Bad news, she and we have not gotten along for years and we don't talk so much. Maybe this will get better but not soon. She's doing so well and happy in her life so I'll call that a win.

    I just kicked my oldest son out of the house to help him get started with his life. With our help he decided to buy a house and we are awaiting closing as we speak. He increased his hours, and got a second job to afford it. He has two roommates lined up (both girls?????), so he'll pay just about nothing to live there. And he's happy and excited to move out - wahoo!!!

    My second son is second string on football. He scored his second ever touchdown last game. He and 50 of his closest friends, teammates and coaches had pasta dinner at my house last night. I heard yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am too many times to count. He's a great kid and wants to be an architect. He'll be doing local college next year or two then off to arch school, unless he changes his mind.

    My youngest is the smartest person I know. He gets p****** when he scores less than 98% on anything he does. He came down last night to share the results of an ASVAB test they gave his class at school and he scored like, too high. He then asked if mom and I would be upset if he chose to go into the service, and at this time the Marines is his first choice. I could barely hold back my tears. We told him it was his choice and that we'd be honored to call him a Marine or any other service person. He then sat down at the table (you gotta know him - he NEVER sits down at the table) and talked to us for about and hour. An hour!! - about what he was thinking and why. I wondered who stole my kid and put this kid in his place????

    This should have gone in the "what are you thankful for" thread I guess. But, this is what I'm thankful for.
  2. What is the definition of a successful parent? Society would probably say it's when your children graduate from high school without getting pregnant (or getting someone pregnant), getting involved with drugs, or getting involved with gangs or ciminal activity. Sounds reasonable, but parenting goes far beyond that... a successful parent could even be someone facing these situations and overcoming them... But, I think we're our own judges in the "success" department. Good stuff, Newskate9. Keep up the good work.

  3. Skate, it sounds like you and Mrs Newskate are doing lots of things right. Some people feed, clothe and send their kids to school and other people also get their kids ready to fend for themselves. Sometimes that seems to be the hardest part. Good job buddy, you have a right to be proud!
  4. Skate, you got it going on there buddy! If all of your children are satisfied, sucessful and moving forward in their lives, you did your job.

    As far as your son having 2 FEMALE roommates, they are generally cleaner than guys are, pick up after themselves for the most part and their laundry doesn't smell like a locker room. Oh, and besides all that, he just might find that one has moved in permanently and you might have a new daughter in law... Don't know if that's what you wanted, but it's definately on his mind.... I'd be thinking the same thing as a single guy with 2 female roommates... Sheesh, Dad, get with the times!!! :wink: :wink:
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    I had a female roommate once while I was in college :shock: . It was ALOT of fun for awhile...then she turned into the :twisted: and made living there HELL.
  6. Good deal skate, the man above seems to have dealt you a decent hand.

    About the daughter, you have a good atitude. It will work or it won't, nothing you can do except be yourself.

    For me it didn't work out with youngest daughter but at 26 she's old enough to be responsible for her own actions and any consequenses, so be it.
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    i will say that as a 17 year old there is things that my parents do that annoy me, but what it comes down to is that they do their best to look after me, and they are to the point where they trust me to not make stupid decisions. As for all the new parents out there my advice, its the one thing i think that was most important to me growing up, is read to your kids... it helps a lot down the road.
  8. Skate, that's where it's at, man. You gotta right to be proud! 8)

  9. Coming from someone your age, that's a pretty profound statement. Most 17 year olds wouldn't have ANYTHING good to say about their parents.... EVER! Sounds to me as if you have a good set of 'em. Just make sure you do as they ask, and always respect them even if you think they don't deserve it or don't understand. I wish I had when I was your age.....
  10. Sounds great skate i hope and pray i can be a parent like that. (i didnt really have any parents) now my only concern is this marine thing send him my way maybe we can talk ARMY :wink: :lol: :wink:

    not really either way is great just make certain he knows what he is getting into its not all fun just 99% of it. and you get really cool weapons :wink:
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    The thing with anyone older than I am, from my point of view, is that they are more experienced and in general I can learn something from them. Sure i may not agree with what is said, but its always good to hear another point of view.