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PSA 5.7 ROCK for $390?

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[note: embedded off-site links to PSA]

So on PSA website a complete PSA 5.7 ROCK is $500. (non-optic cut slide, non-threaded barrel)

Same webiste:
$150 - 5.7 ROCK lower
$200 - 5.7 ROCK complete slide assembly (non-optic cut slide, non-threaded barrel)
$40 - 5.7 ROCK magazines (x2)

I'm not counting shipping and FFL feels because you'd have that if you bought the complete firearm as well.

The least expensive competitor is the Ruger 57 on sale at Buds for $630 (normally about $650 to $690).

Depending on whether or not you hit the sale, that's $240 or more worth of ammunition. ;)

If you want the optics ready / suppressor ready slide assembly, that'll cost another $100, bringing cost of the assy to $300 and the total build cost to $490.

Peace favor your sword,
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That's a helluva deal til you go shopping for ammo.
$240 is at least a couple boxes of ammo. ...or a tank of gas. Not the premium gas, mind you; basic no-lead.

But anyway, PSA is now making their own ammo with non-FN brass. $.50 / round for FMJ. $.60 / round for 40 gr. V-MAX. ...when you can find them in stock.

Peace favor your sword,
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