PSA for any Rossi R92 owners....

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by desertrider, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Don't be an idgit like me.:eek:

    Took my R92 to the range on Friday night after not shooting it for about seven months.

    While I was loading it I noticed what I thought was a missing screw on the right side of the receiver above and to the right of the loading gate.

    Dang it, it must have loosened and fallen out the last time I shot it. Or so I thought. So what did I do? Tightened all the other screws on the receiver, duh, what else?

    So there I am like a fool with my MUT cinching every fastener down.

    Well, after I top off the mag, I go to load a round and the lever is seized up. WTF?

    I really didn't want to waste anymore time tinkering with it at the range, so I pulled the plug and spring out of the magazine tube and emptied the rounds before putting the rifle back in its case.

    A quick google search at home revealed that I wasn't missing a screw after all, the open hole in the receiver is for a bolt pin.

    By tightening all the screws I inadvertantly tightened the bolt pin stop screw, effectively locking my bolt and seizing up the action.

    Moral to this story?

    If you haven't shot something for a while, refamiliarize yourself with it and don't go tightening screws/bolts like a chimp who just found a screwdriver!
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    Been there, done that, different gun. Major league sucks.

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    Took my Stoeger coach gun apart to clean and be danged if I could not get this simple barrel and stock to mate up.
    Been two years since I last had range time with it so not a lot of tear down and cleaning was needed.
    Well youtube came to my rescue.
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    I am still trying to figure out what palmetto state armory has to do with this? :D
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    I'm guessing he meant "Public Service Announcement".
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    Doh! Sorry, Dane, just now saw the big grin emoji. :blush:
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    Well that makes more sense. The only thing that came to my mind was Palmetto. :eek:
  8. I own a 92 and what you describe is a very common mistake with the 92. The folks at the Rossi Rifleman board are knowledgeable and answers to questions come on pretty quick.
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    Didn't like where the scope sat on my AR so I moved it forward, great perfect... got to the range and I couldn't turn the magnification ring because it was up against the rail...
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    I did the exact same thing to mine!