Public Service Announcement for Post Whores

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Maverick, Nov 4, 2007.

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  2. Words for everyone to live by....

    LMAO!! That was hilarious!

  3. OMZG!111.... This video should be mandatory material for any new member so they may learn to be a post whore without appearing to actually be one *COUGHprimalCOUGH*
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    I just violated every rule in that Post Whore Video!

    Aaahh **** it
  5. :oops: :oops: :oops: My Mamma would be so ashamed if she knew :oops: :oops:
  6. I personally do not see anything wrong with +1 ing someone if they have said something that you agree with enough that you feel that you want the other members to know that you do agree.

    If that makes me a post whore, I guess I will have to get out the dress and makeup :lol:
  7. Thayldt21

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    How bad is the problem of post whores???

    And I can't help but wonder If I fill that catigory???

    But in all it honestly did have some actual good info.

    Would it be possible to make that mandatory watch before registering??? :lol: :D
  8. Maverick

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    +1 waltham :lol:

    Actually I do agree with what your saying. I know if I ask a question, I'd rather have more than one or two opinions on it. If allot of people come on and +1 an answer it gives me a little more confidence in that answer. Of course I also like to see more than just a +1 in their replies, as I'd like to hear WHY they +1 a post.
  9. It's not the +1 in general, it's the people +1 over and over and over yet do not bother to actually add anything to it. Ok, you agree, but why? No one likes a yes man with no actual opinion. I've done a couple +1s, but always add something to it. Alot of people have a big chuck of their post counts made up of +1 or other worthless statements over and over and over. Neither of you guys fall in this category as your both contributing members, so +1 to your hearts content.
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    +1 Taurus :wink: :lol: :shock: :lol:
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    dont forget the heels. and if i don't have time to write out a long explanation, or if i don't think a whole lot more can be said i'm not going to write much more than +1 or agreed.

    i think it should be our front page, just as a joke but still...
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  13. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are nuts! :wink:

  14. I will find you all and deal with your each appropriately.
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