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...but it was just to show it to a guy from Nashville who was in town to promote a record to me.
I'm a Radio station Program Director. Guys from music city come in to promote records on a regular basis.

What prompted me to pull it out and show him was that he was talking about the Music Director at our main competitor acrossed town. The promoter had just visited this guy and saw that my competitor had a target plastered on his wall in his office. I guess the target was from this guy's last trip to the range.

The promoter said "I was surprised to hear that your competing music director was packing heat there at the office!"

I said..."You have a problem with people carrying at work?"

He said "Nah...I'd feel safer if more people did it."

I said..."rest easy"...and lifted my shirt tail up a bit to reveal the bottom of my holster. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have brandished. But we were in private and he had made it clear he was in favor.

He said "Wow cool! You Michigan people are more heavily armed than us Southerners! I'm gonna have to get me one of those!"

We then went on to talk about how the gun laws are being relaxed here in Michigan after the first of the year. His opinion..."More people should carry." He said he's going to look into getting a CCW now. "Can't let the North outdo us in the South" he said.


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Good job keep spreading the word!! Also I wish I could carry at work as I feel woefully inadequate if we ever have an active shooter in the school where I teach! I feel like I want to protect my students but with what??

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Re: "I wish i could carry at work"

i am a newbie so tell me if i am mistaken. you cannot carry because of a workplace policy is this correct? if it breaks no law then the only consequense is getting fired. (please correct me if i'm completely incorrect here) this may be a risk many would avoid altogether but let me say something. What they don't know can't hurt them. If you could, and only if you could carry truly concealed safely, i am pretty sure you wouldn't be to heartbroken searching for your new job after saving even one innocent childs life. I'm not advising you to break any laws but rules sometimes need to be broken. just one father's opinion.

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Breaking company policy isn't breaking the law.

You're absolutely right.

Would company policy take care of my wife and kids, or the family of the man in the cubicle next to me if a nut job walked in and went postal?

Well, there we go.
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