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pulled remington core lokt bullets

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I am pulling some 150 gr remington core lokt bullets from some old .308 ammo I had laying around (don't have a .308 anymore). I am going to reload them for my K31 (7.5x55, takes .308 bullets). As I pulled them I noticed about every 4th one weighed in about half a gr different (150.5 for most, 150 even for the minority).

Question is...

How much, if at all, would half a grain difference make?

Next question...

I also have a few 180 grn silvertips that I am considering pulling. How much difference would you expect at 100 or 200 yrds if the rifle is sighted for the 150 grn rounds at about 2800 fps? I realize maybe tLittlei.
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half or even a full grain doesnt make a difference unless you are loading for sub MOA accuracy. also pulling bullets may make them out of round unless you use a kinetic puller, so watch that too.

Thanks for the rapid response. I did use a Kinetic Puller.
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