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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by sdbrit68, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Just starting my research into the carbine......thinking next month, unfortunately car payments and electricity comes first.

    I have noticed, most of the dealers around me will offer one option, and hi point has many, all the add ons, can you purchase those from hi point later ?

    As an example, I dont want the forward grip, but was thinking of the red dot scope and maybe the flashlight, or are the hi point accy's not that good ?
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    I bought my 995ts with a 4x red dot scope option. The scope works fine. You can use any scope or flashlight, or foreward grip for that matter. The foreward grip from hp has a storage slot specifically for the tool that comes with your carbine. Thats the one accy that is kinda hp specific.
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    .net and .com are two different sites that don't link together, go figure.
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    yeah, makes no sense, on the .com, you hit accessories, it takes you to just a phone number.

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    The forward grip wobbles a bit. Evidently there is a cure for that. The tool that goes in the FG is a good thing to have at all times. Seems like you have to snug the charging handle with it frequently. And it is used in take down. Folded or open I like mine both ways!