Push to Repeal GCA of 1968?

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hermitt, Dec 6, 2014.

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    read more here -> http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Govern...ty-Must-Repeal-1968-Handgun-Purchase-Ban-ASAP
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    You can get around that by having it shipped to a FFL dealer in your state, which is just an added expense for those that follow the law.

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    While they were at it they could get rid of that pointless stuff regarding silencers, FA guns, SBRs and all the other stuff criminals already ignore.

    Not that they would agree to do it. That action would probably just ensure the Dems win the next election cycle.
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    If they did that and managed to push it past a veto, I would personally donate money to every last one of them who voted for it.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    I can't see donating money to someone that just does they're job that they took an oath to do. It's not like they aren't getting paid too much as it is, but not to worry, a politician doing his/her job (following the Constitution) will never happen. Especially if it benefits a working, law abiding, tax paying American citizen!
  6. No likely that would ensure the Dems winning. The left has nothing new to the people anymore except them adding more control over the people.

    The country started to move toward being more libertarian years ago. If you do a bit of a detailed analysis of the 2014 vs 2000-2012 elections at the state/local level you'll see that the % vote for libertarians has greatly increased. Also you'll see that in many places where there has been strong leftist support for years, the GOPer won the election because a 4-8% vote for a libertarian candidate.

    Obama was elected in 2008 promising positive changes. What he did was try to cement the same old failed leftist policies from the 1800's. The people gave the left enough rope to let the left hang itself.

    We are going thru a time of great change and we all need to remember that when we look at this things. Freedom is the number 1 progressive idea. The leftists are dead set against freedom.

    So they can get rid to the government controls you posted without fear of the people. Of course there are that group of leftist GOPer that wouldn't favor this idea.
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    Ah yes, the good old Hughes Amendment... that amendment that failed by vote 2 times but Charlie Rangel said passed anyways. I agree that it needs to go away.

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    We have had republican majorities and a republican president several times in the past 35 years. Neither congress nor the president has called for repeal of gun control laws. If any laws are repealed they will be to help manufacturers import more guns and ammo so they can close the factories in the northeast.