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put a TS on lay-away!!

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So I put a T.S. On lay-a-way today!! Yeah!! Anyways when the guy brought the box out it had a red dot sight of some type in it. The store owner said thats how he sells em. Did anyone elses come with this?? Or is it something the store is doing?? There was a box in there with some other stuff too. The guy at the counter and i were talking about it after he put the weapon in the safe. (At Frontier outfitters they seal up the weapon in the box after you inspect it before it goes on lay-a-way then you inspect it again when you get it off) The guy was saying something about how they come with two mags also. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks for the support guys and gals.
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Got mine from cabela's with a foregrip included. Sounds like they come to different vendors in different ways.
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