Put me in rehab, I'm a junkie!

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  1. I picked up my new 995 on Saturday, ordered new holo sight and laser Saturday night, ordered 3 new magazines Sunday, ordered Bushman98's charging handle today, and...all of this without firing a single round, yet! I can't seem to find anywhere local to sight it in. :(
    Oh, did I mention that I'm picking up the ATI this afternoon?! What can I say, I'm addicted! :twisted:
    I convinced the wife that $160 was a good investment to provide added safety and security to the household. I just hope she doesn't notice the additional $200 worth of add-ons! :shock:
  2. Dude, this forum IS rehab... Welcome!!!!

    Let us know how ya feel in 28 days ok? :wink:

  3. Be carefuul , if your wife shoots it she will take it away from you . That is how I got a 4095. Welcome to the board.
  4. Spot's got a point......... so save up, then let her shoot it, argue vigorously when she says, "Honey, I like this......" Then go buy your 4095! Sounds like a plan to me.
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    I know the feeling, I had a bushnell trophy tactical scope (which cost more than the gun), an ati stock, and a front handle/mono pod on mine before I ever put a round through my 995.

    I started building a ruger 10/22 last tuesday and I'm about $1300 into it already and it has never seen a bullet yet.

    Guns are addicting as hell!
  6. This forum is my CRACK!!!!!! lol

    Glad to here you are getting the stuff you want for your 995 that is always a good day.
  7. Yeah, 9mm doses of crack.

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    The more I read this stuff the more I can't wait to get one.....
    My wife tell me to have patience.I tell her I'm not a doctoer.... :lol:
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    lol yeah, this forum is my new crack because we talk about a gun that i know!