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Put on a cheap scope...its, well, cheap...

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I finally got my ATI stock issues resolved for the most part and went ahead and mounted the scope I bought with the stock.

I am an idiot for two reasons: I complained earlier that I didn't recieve the screws with the stock, but I did-it was my mistake. I also thought I didn't get the full weaver scope mount, but I did.

Anyway, I got it all figured out and its working good. I think I like the iron sights better but I need to sight it in, plus its a cheaper "AIM" scope; I got it on sale with the stock from combathunting.com. Here's a pic.

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Looks cool. Got any info on the make of the scope? What about pictures looking through it (of the reticle)?

Let us know how it works out for you.
The scope is an AIM Sports model. I got it for something like $35 from combathunting.com when I ordered the stock. I'm not plugging for the company, but it was a nice transaction all the same.

I just wanted to see what the gun was like with a scope, but I will have to sight it in quite a bit because its way off. The thing is the rifle is so accurate at normal ranges that the scope is really unecessary.

The model is illuminated, and just has a crosshair. No pics of the reticle or anything.

That looks a lot like the scope I have. Mine was about 70 I think (Target Sports from CDNN), it has red and green illumination and a rangefinding thing. I can't get the thing to sight in right so I'm gonna take it off and put it on my WASR.

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I was the same way...picked up a BSA red dot...got heckled about it a little, and I just said "I paid $150 for this rifle, why should I drop $200 or more on optics?"

that shut them up! :D
Does your BSA adjust? Mine had the knobs like it should be adjustable, but no matter how much I turned the windage/elevation dials it didn't make any difference. I don't have the reciept anymore so I just put it on my paintball gun as a paintball deflector.
Mine has knobs, but I havent tried adjusting it just yet...its already zeroed, but because of my hack job installing a weaver rail its high and left...
Look Under the knobs...There are screws that will give you your adjustments
Yeah Im wondering if you are turning the knobs or the keys under the knobs...the actual grooved knobs are just screw on caps to protect the adjusters...
Yeah I should have clarified that, I did remove the caps and turn the little screw things in there. Still no luck. I dunno if there is any way to fix it or not.
guys. I would humbly suggest that once you make sure that nothing is moving (specially the cover, it can throw you off over and over again if is is not solidly secured) buy or borrow a laser boresighter (about $35.00-$39. at Wally World) and you will be able to tell if the crosshairs on your BSA scope are moving or not.

Also, in my case,I had a small gap between the base of the scope mounts and the carbine rails. I had to glue a very thin piece of metal to the bottom of the scope mounts, to eliminate play that was trowing me off after every shootin session.

I had the same problem (but in my case , my eyes are not what they used to be) and after using the laser boresighter, brought the crosshairs to bear on the mark in no time.

good luck!
I'll try that just for kicks and giggles. It's an excuse to use my boresighter anyway.

EDIT: I put my boresighter in my paintball gun (or just taped it to the side for a reference point) and tried some adjustments and the reticle does move, it's just backwards from what the labels say. Up is down and left is right. I guess somebody got that mixed up.
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