Put your tongue back in your mouth

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  1. pills

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    Probably the best advice all day

  2. Primal Seal will get a kick out of that vid since he owns a DE .50

  3. I could almost see a divorce there LOL
  4. Kelotravolski

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    Ah! she could have shot herself in the head! :shock:
  5. Here is another one from that link notice the Nevana playing in the background it made me laugh

  6. Bet thats the last time she fires that weapon.................
  7. That's priceless. :D
  8. z71silverado98

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    HAHA! that nearly happened to me when i tried shooting a S&W 500ES. My buddies said it was no where near hitting me in the head but it sure felt like the that revolver was coming at me w/ no brakes.

    Kelotravolski, she couldnt have shot herself in the head w/ a single bullet and no mag as the bullet would have been long gone before recoil started.
  9. I still have a rounded line on my lens of my glasses where the brass alone hit my glasses on ejection. The brass alone is dangerous enough. Actually come to think of it, I've had more problems with the brass. Primal was shooting one day and I was standing next to him...with sandals on. Saw a brass heading for my foot, so I lifted my foot and pulled back real quick. Anyone notice when wearing sandal that when you do this your toes come up. The extremely hot brass lodged under my toes. I heard a quick siissst as it burned the skin un the underside of my toes and kicked my sandle across the range to get it off. It later blistered.
  10. I had a empty casing from my romak 3 go down the back of my stepsons neck and into his shirt.

    He did some shucking and jiving getting that thing out of there, because he had his shirt tucked in and it got trapped.

    I weld with cheap shoes from wally world Taurus, and every now and then a big splatter will burn through and land in between my toes.