Quad Rail 995

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  1. Here is my modified 995.




    Still planning on adding collapsible stock... but for that I need to make an adaptor.... but for now... I like it the way it is.
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    What is your hand guard made of?

  3. Its actually 3 more rails... covered with tsome rail guards. They are in 2 inch sections so you can partially remove them to add accesories.
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    We need to translate the following into Latin:

    "I came, I saw, I chopped it up, added some rails, and made it freakin' awesome."

    Excellent work, looking forward to the range report.
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  6. Bushman, you are a king among men... That's sweet.
  7. Thanks DB. I do want to make some minor changes:

    1. Aluminum aluminum aluminum.

    2. Want to lower the bottom rail maybe 1/4"... so its a bit more flush with the bottom where I cut the stock.

    3. Want to bring it the side rails maybe an 1/8" or so.... right now it feels a bit fat.
  8. It already looks stupendous (I think I like it better than the new HP proposal), and all three changes should make it even better. Finally, if you can redo the buttstock like you originally suggested here, it'll be too rad for words:


    Carry on!

    Oh, and to clarify:

    When you say 'more flush' do you mean the rails or the rail guards. If it was up to me, the guards would be the elements that're flush. (I think that's what you mean, but thought I'd throw in my $.02)
  9. Oh, and I think that this could be the basis for a great new product line: the two aluminum barrel fittings, the buttstock base (perhaps optional), and drawings/dimensions for rails, stock cutting, etc. with perhaps a list of suggested sources.

    The upside: a very nice mod, kept as affordable as possible.

    The downside: legions of people who have screwed up their stocks pulling another ATI on HP's warranty costs. :(

    If this was available however, I'd consider buying another stock from HP to give it a whirl.
  10. Bushman, you really are the man. I love the look. That is what I'm wanting for my 995! That is like the best mod ever! Good job.
  11. Yes, the guard would be the flush part... if not I would end up with the same issue but in reverse.

    Depending on time constraints this weekend, I will probably model up the alum insert to make an attachment point for AR style stocks (be it fixed or collapsible).
  12. OK: I now have a seriously itchy PayPal finger, and the only prescription is something decidedly different from MORE COWBELL.
  13. Well, I heard HP stocks are 16 bucks (not confirmed) so if I supplied a stock, precut and drilled rails (alum), manufactured mount peices, collapsible stock, and hardware.... that would come up to:

    $16+$50+"X"+$50+$5 = $121+"X"+SHIPPING

    We are talking practically the price of a used 995!!!
  14. Kind of reminds me off the WA2000 rifles....
  15. EGO venit , EGO saw , EGO conseco is sursum added nonnullus rails , quod no is freakin' awesome

    there are no latin words for added, rails, freakin or awesome. I guess we could make some up...who would know.

    Love the concept weapon though.
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    Not sure if you meant to, but I think you just provided the most effective summary of the reasons behind the collapse of the Roman Empire.