Question about .40 caliber magazines.

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    I'm having problem with jams on my .40 cal. For a brief history please click here.

    I bought a cordless Dremel and will polish the feed ramp per the post under Tech Tips.

    I also have a question about my magazines. As I was researching the info about mag adjustments, I realized 2 of my 5 magazines are different from the other 3. When I bought the pistol, I also bought one magazine. These 2 are the same(the difference is described/shown below). The other 3 magazines were ordered from The difference is in the plastic orange follower. For the 2 mags I originally purchased, the follower is flat. The 3 ordered online have a rounded hump. You can see the difference in the following pics.....

    Flat on the left. Rounded on the right.



    How are your magazines? If I load a mag and then push the rounds off with my thumb, they tend to come off the rounded mags more with the nose up, but off the flat mags they don't. Could this be a major contributor to my feeding problem? Should I try to file this hump down?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. First thing, check and make sure they all say .40 on them, they are hard to tell the difference between them and the .45 and mistakes happen.

    Other than that, I would have to guess that there was a modification made on the followers.

    I would not alter them, you can always send them back for replacements.

  3. My 40 had a problem I got another mag and that took care of it. the mag on the right doesn't look like mine either, might be a new design.
    I would vote for checking to see if it is a 40 or a 45. other than that the lips may need a little tweeking. Asuming the rounds are stove piping.
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    Eventho the marking is faint, I am positive all five have "40" imprinted on the side. Guess I'll investigate mag lip adjustment.