Question about a "truck gun" for prep purposes

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    OK first off I know not to get legal advice on the internet and I make my own decisions anyway so here goes. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and had seen very conflicting arguments on my Jeep forum about stuff like this so I thought I would ask for opinions here. First things first - I have a hardtop and full doors so its almost like a car (no easy tops cut) and yes I know any car can be broken into easily. I also have my CCW if that makes a difference.

    I wanted to store one of my Hi Point combos in my Jeep. I have underseat lockboxes that fit my old Jeep and would take some modifications to fit to my newer Jeep but it was nice keeping my C9 locked under the seat with a couple hundred rounds and a few mags. So that is in my plans to make work simply to have ready if ever needed.

    I want a way to store my carbine and am having trouble coming up with something that works. My thought originally was they have a metal shell that turns your rear space into a "truck" that can only be accessed when the rear gate is unlocked - see here
    and fabing either a shelf to keep the carbine on just below the top shelf or using quick fists to mount to the metal frame.

    My concern is people have stated that could be seen as a hidden panel and would be illegal (along with a lot of comments about how stupid could you be to keep a gun in your Jeep). its out of visibility, its locked as best it can be and should be of an issue than say having it in a pouch across the rear roll bars.

    Anyone have any clue if something like this would be illegal? I mean its not much different than mounting a gun in the trunk or am I crazy?

    LOL I treat my Jeep as one big BoB and like the idea of it being ready at any point if I ever had to go. I know its kinda silly but I like to have fun with it :D
  2. If you have your CCW, i dont see how it could be illegal.

    ITs called a truck gun, they are everywhere.

    I also dont get the forbidden 'hidden Compartment" Is that a law im not aware of?

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    The reason I mentioned that is there was a very long thread on my Jeep forum because a guy wanted to store a handgun in his Jeep while at work (and work didnt like it) so there were a LOT of stories coming out about hiding guns and how there were rules for that kind of stuff to catch drug runners. I know over half of it was BS, but I wanted to put it out on here and see what you all on here thought
  4. IM pretty sure thats complete bull, You have a CCW so you can CONCEAL, out in the open is the dumbest. and easiest to get stolen. AFAIK if you have a way to lock it in go for it.

    Heck I am all for just out of sight, and in a locked vehicle.
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    My dream is to one day have an extended cab Silverado. I too thought about having a carbine as a truck gun. They make the locking box that goes under the rear seat to store/transport rifles. I have wondered if this were actually legal.

    I want to keep the JCP up front, in reach, then keep it's big brother, the 4095 in the locked box. Since I have my CCW I don't think the JCP would be an issue. Not sure about a loaded rifle though. But I guess if I kept the JCP loaded then just had loaded mags with the rifle, but not inserted, I think that's ok.

    I'm thinking this for the rear|/pc/104796180/c/104697180/sc/104195880/DU-HA8482-UnderBehind-Seat-Storage/746363.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fvehicle-gun-holders%2F_%2FN-1100767%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104195880%3FWTz_l%3DSBC%253BMMcat104796180%253Bcat104697180&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104796180%3Bcat104697180%3Bcat104195880#tabsCollection


    and this for the front|/pc/104796180/c/104697180/sc/104195880/Console-Vault/746918.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fvehicle-gun-holders%2F_%2FN-1100767%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104195880%3FWTz_l%3DSBC%253BMMcat104796180%253Bcat104697180&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104796180%3Bcat104697180%3Bcat104195880


    I imagine they have similar products for Jeeps. Like I said, legally, my only concern would be a loaded rifle.
  6. whats wrong with a loaded rifle. unless your permit specifically states CCP.

    Even so, your rifle in the truck, isn't your CCW. you probably don't need it to be loaded, just have ammo in mags beside it or something. If it needs to be loaded, you better not have it locked up.
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    Loaded long gun in car is illegal in most (if not all) states. Their excuse is to cut down on poaching.
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    That and ADs........ I've known a few people who needed tranny work because of them....
  9. SOOOOOOOO.................. keep it unloaded. boxes of ammo and mags beside it.

    Still a great get home gun. and not illegal
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    I actually just built hide-away drawer similar to a bank safety deposit box under a false bottom for a buddies POV. I won't go in to the uber details but it's a pretty cool set up with locking mechs on the drawers. It's legal in NY because the ammunition is completely separated from the weapon(s). The ammo is held in one of those multivault battery powered safes from gunvault that is mounted to the floor of the drawer so it stays out of site as well. I also installed a custom fit center console vault he ordered from some personal securities company for his BUG when he's driving.

    As long as you're doing what's legal in your AO and are able to make it legal when and where you travel, I say go for it. Having a firearm reasonably accessible in a life or death situation is better than being SOL without one.
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    Stupid question maybe but have you considered a hiding place on the outside of the vehicle?
    Under the car inside of the frame rails next to the drive shaft?
    Do you need access from inside the vehicle only?
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    NE Utah
    In Utah, anyone over 18 can conceal a hand gun in their own car.

    Rifles and Shotguns must be "unloaded" in a vehicle, but in Utah, that just means condition 3, with two separate acts required to fire, as in 1-cycle bolt, 2-pull trigger.

    Easy Peasy.
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    No, I actually thought about a roof rack and securing it in a solid metal (& waterproof) box. Only problem is the rack I want is $1500. :(

    But that rack could also hold my tools for an the trail as well

    And ajole, that sounds similar to what md was In the 80s. Lol long time ago.
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    So, a 1911 with one in the pipe but the hammer down and safety on is legally "unloaded?"
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    NE Utah
    Technically, yes.;)
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
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    in Nevada, you can keep a loaded hand gun in your car without a permit. rifles and shotguns must be unloaded. unloaded being an empty chamber...
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    In WV you have to keep ammo & firearms in separate locked boxes. I use tool boxes from Lowe's, but your idea is better. Unloaded in WV means no magazine and no bullets, period. Their reasoning is safety and you're not going to have AD.
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    Here is an excerpt from :

    An assistant Attorney General informally replied to an inquiry claiming that the License To Carry law only allowed carrying handguns. A trial judge in Boone County ruled the same. They are wrong. Under RSMo
    571.030 one is exempt from Missouri’s concealed weapons law if one has a License To Carry. The theory that this law only applies to handguns appears to have been inspired by 571.107 which states that license holders can carry concealed firearms (not just handguns) throughout the state with some exceptions. The Missouri legislature had pre-empted the field of firearms legislation (RSMo 21.750). It can therefore be argued that a local government might prosecute a license holder for a concealed knife but not a gun. It is a silly argument, but there it is. If anyone hears of such a case, I would be obliged if you let me know."

    A concealed weapon in your vehicle is legal in Missouri without a permit. Open carry is legal in most of the State.
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    Thanks ajole, I live the tuffy products it's just that one only fits keeps older than mine. Just having fun thinking about what I might do.

    My teases me saying I'm like a little kid playing with his G.I. Joe Jeep.