Question about alternate sights and bayonet mounting

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    Has anyone tried or considered trying putting on the rear weaver rail and then using an AR-15 A2 rear sight assembly, and using a AR-15 front sight assembly with the bayonet mount? Then you have more precise and finer adjustment of sights as well as ability to mount a bayonet. Alternate possibility would be a front or tri rail and then a removable A2 front sight (no bayonet). I don't have all the parts as I do not have an AR, but just wondering if anyone has thought of or tried this. If so please let me know how it worked or works.

  2. Welcome to the forum!!!! There is a pic for what you are taking about here:

    It is onepoint's 995.. Not mine. It looks like he did a great job on the mounting though. Here did a write up on how he did it on the old forum not sure if it is one the new yet?????

    As far as putting a traditional Front sight post on it I think would be alot of work just to get a bayonet lug. Not to mention you would have to have some sort of schroud to fit it to the barrel.

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    Do you want the bayonet to be functional or just to look cool? The ATI stock is probably solid enough to withstand stabbing somebody with a bayonet, but as flimsy as my original was I think it would probably just snap off. Either way, if you figure out how to mount one let me know!