Question about Gun Laws In The Atlanta Area

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  1. A friend of mine is going on a business trip to the Atlanta/suburb area.
    He asked me about carrying his Mosin Nagant as an emergency gun in the trunk in a case.To which said I did not see a problem.
    But he asked me about the legality issues with something like this.
    And even though I dont see why that would be a problem, I dont want tell him "sure! Go ahead." and then he goes down there and ends up locked up in a county jail. So can anybody close to that are tell me what the legality issues if any there are to him taking his rifle with him.
  2. If he has a carry permit in his state of residence, his permit is valid in GA as long as he is not a resident -- that is, if he moves here (not the case here), he must then apply for a GA permit.

    Those who do not have carry permits can transport a weapon -- which _can_ be loaded, BTW -- in the same manners as non-CCW residents: 1) fully exposed (e.g. lay it _uncased_ on the back seat or leaning up in the passenger seat) 2) or cased or uncased "in the glove compartment console, or similar compartment of the vehicle..."

    Sounds like the trunk would be OK, but not so accessible, depending on the type of emergency.

    BTW, I'm looking through the code as I type this, so the info should be pretty solid, i.e., it's not just my recollection of what I _think_ it says.*

    * Note: this doesn't mean I'm an authority, as IANAL. However, it's meant as reasonable assurance that it's OK advice.

  3. Tell him to check and as far as I know, carrying a rifle, unloaded, in the trunk of your car is legal almost everywhere. Most of the toughest laws are geared toward concealable weapons and handguns. He would probably get into more trouble with a 5 inch folding knife in his pocket than he would for a rifle in the trunk.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I'll pass along the info to him.
    I think he'll be fine if he keeps it in the trunk.
    Hopefully he won't need it.