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  1. Whats the law concerning a person to person transfer ?

    I have a chance to buy a 995 from Ohio pretty cheap and I'm in Georgia, does it have to go thru a FFL dealer ?

    Being new to the game, you don't know unless you ask questions !

    Also, how would you guys feel about sending a money order for $150 to someone (not a dealer) that far away, would you trust it ?
  2. This is the way I understand it, you can do a face to face with a long gun in your own state or any state that connects to your state. Otherwise you have to send it to a FFL for transfer.

    As far as pistols, you can do a FTF in you own state only, otherwise it has to go from FFL to FFL.

    If I am wrong guys please correct me.

    As far as sending money to someone that you dont know, its all a matter of do you trust this person or not. There are plenty of honest people out there and plenty of crooks too.

    BTW, I would suggest a bill of sale with both parties names and addresses just to be on the safe side no matter what.

  3. harley,

    Buying a long gun from the guy in Ohio, and you being in Georgia, means it will have to go thru an FFL dealer on your end before you can take custody of the gun. It will be treated like any other gun purchase in your state, fill out the paperwork, background check etc. You can also purchase a long gun from a shop in another state, they do the paperwork and background check just like you were a resident. You can also do a FTF on long guns with people in other states.

    Handguns bought from auction sites, or via ads on forums, have to be sent to an FFL and then you proceed as if buying the gun from your local dealer. You can not purchase hands guns from a shop in another state though, but you can have the gun sent to one of your local FFL dealers and conduct the transfer in your home state. This is how people can buy a handgun from online auctions. I have never bought a handgun from an individual in another state, so not sure what the laws are for a handgun FTF transfer.

    As far as sending a MO to someone in another state for a purchase, that will be your call. I have done it before, non gun purchases though, and never had a problem, but you never know what the other guys intentions are and with a MO it's hard to contest a bad transaction.
  4. Rimfirehunter, I recently called the BATF in Texas (Regional office for my area) and they told me pistol transactions have to go FFL to FFL for out of state non face to face transactions IE or a online gun shop, even personal sales like selling a pistol to a friend who lives out of your state have to be FFL to FFL.
  5. How much more is a 995 in GA. ? I would think that it would be cheaper in the long run to go to a gun shop that sells Hi-Points and buy one from him. That way you can see the condition that it is in , and you won't loose your money if this person is a crook.
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    doing FFL transfers on guns really only pay off when you get to several 100's of dollars around here they run about 20 bucks although some are higher some are lower.

    usually on a low priced firearm with shipping & transfer it usually eats up any savings.