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  1. I got my Up Lula a couple weeks ago and tried it out today. I have a long way to go to get the 1 round per second rate, but it's deceptively easy to work. Great product.

    Now, how long should one keep a magazine uploaded? I don't shoot too often, but when I do I'd want to have several loaded mags on hand ready to go. Will keeping them loaded for, lets's say, a year damage the magazine spring? What's your experience on this?

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    on all my mags i rotate every month or so.It dosnt take long to do it.I keep 3 loaded for each gun.imo a year is way too long.

  3. I have a Davis P380 that I bought back in 97/98 and have about 400rds thru it since the day I purchased it. The mag was kept loaded for at least 5 years once and it still performs flawlessly.

    My understanding of mag springs is they wear out by excessive use and over extension/compression. Most modern mag springs use quality spring steel and should not take a set when loaded to mag capacity or slightly under capacity.

    I know none of my mag feed handguns sit long enough between range visits to worry about them taking a set. I will probably wear them out due to usage long before the mags take a set and give me problems.
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    Leaving mags loaded or unloaded does nothing ot the springs. Constantly loading and unloaduing will wear the springs out eventually. FWIW in 2003 i found a .45 mag that had been behind the shooting bench since the early 80s when my dad reloaded and it banged off just fine. Dont worry about it.

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  6. Thanks guys (and gals). As always you are lots of help.

    Back to the Up LuLa. BTW, if you don't have one of these things, it would make a great (hint, hint) stocking stuffer.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!