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  1. Ok, funny question/concern. I recently went to the range with about 300 rounds of BlazerBrass in .40sw. It shot flawlessly and other than getting a bit hot after a while I was able to get my fix taken care of. I did not clean it after my trip considering HP doesn't recomend it unitl quite a few rounds have been put through the pistol, I did scrub the barrel out and called it a day. Now my questions stem from me getting ready to hit the range when I racked the slide back and felt a bit of resistance towards the end of the action, it was unloaded and I was checking that the weapon was clear before I got it ready for transport. I've never really felt that resistance before and just to describe it when I rack the slide back there is an extra little click/bump that it seems to have to clear...weird but I assume that the action is setting the firing pin back and I hope its normal and I just neve noticed cause of my excitement...If anyone has any info or any relative experiences please let me know...
    Thanks :wink:
  2. When you pull the slide all the way back it will retract the striker as well, this is the extra tension you are feeling so its nothing to worry about. My C9 does the same thing.


  3. thanks rimfire, maybe I'll add some oil to help with the action.
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    The only time I feel extra tension from the firing pin retracting is after it has been dry fired.
  5. Ahhh :!: I had actually dry fired it because I didn't want the spring under intuitive...

    I've been part of the forum for a while now (back at the old one too) and you guys come out of no where with great info and comments...which is more than i can say about some other forums...