Question about this hi-point with ATI stock (pic inside)

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by kflo, Oct 25, 2007.

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    On the side of the gun , what kind of mount is this with the flash light. Also when you have the ATI stock installed, the rail on the bottom is included with the regular stock or is that after market? Also is the top rail "stock" or a add-on? This is a sweet looking gun and I am in the process of getting a hi-point with a ATI stock from a forum member, I want mine to look excatly like this one. I know where to get the barrel shroud and red dot. Just not sure about the bottom rail and what is mounting the flash light.

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    That pic is way too small to tell much about it, but it looks like they just screwed a small weaver mount to the side, and mounted a light to that...

  3. that is a nice looking gun. .

    The bipod is mounted to the front sling post area. Depending on the type you buy, and it looks like this one is that type, the sling post is removed and a bracket is installed to hold the bipod and a new sling post.

    The side rail is after market too. You can order and mount those on the stock. I've shown pictures of my side mounts.

    The top rail is the rail that comes with original HP. Since you may be getting one used, it may already have it mounted on that rail. If it doesn't, or the part is not available, you'll have to head to the gun shop to get one.
  4. I remember that pic! One of the guys from the old forum posted that.
    He was from NC around the Raleigh area but I don't remember his name now.
  5. ATI makes a set of two picitanny rails for about 9 bucks. It includes bit, screws, nuts, and rails. You can pick one up from
  6. That's what is on my 995 in the pic