Question for the Geeks - Network Inventory Scanner

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  1. I'm looking for a freeware program that will scan our network and give me an inventory of what's out there. It would be nice if it had the ability to export to a csv or mdb file. DEK Software International has a nice one but it costs $400. I know there has to be a freeware program out there that does the same thing.

    On a side note, I had been using a trial of FolderSizes to get a list of where my server storage was going. Yesterday I found a freeware program from called Flextk Express. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that FolderSizes had but it gives you all the same information.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction or recommend a program to me it would help me a lot. Thanks.
  2. I would like something like that too. Can't say that i've found something that works well.

  3. NEWT Freeware. Can't remember where exactly it's at anymore, but it will search any domain or workgroup and give you computer name, IP address, logged on user at the time, how much RAM, CPU speed, etc. It really does a lot. Google "NEWT Freeware" and you will find it.
  4. Used that one, only lets you do 5 machines I think. Also, re-creates the MS Access database with every export (overwrites all the saved reports and queries you've setup.)
  5. NEWT is good if you have a small network, but not much use if it is a larger network. Tailored to homes mostly. I know there's some out there, but not sure how good free versions are going to be. Used to frequent alot of IT forums, but havn't in awhile. Might wanna look up a tech forum and see if anyone there can help you.
  6. No lets you scan an unlimited number of computers, and outputs it into a CSV or HTML file, at least those two formats. The only thing you get with the paid version is more fields that it checks for.


    The PROFESSIONAL version only allows scanning of 25 machines until you register and is severely limited.....the free version is older, but still works.
  7. hmm...thought it was newt that did a very limited amount of machines, must be mistaken, as I havn't used it for awhile.
  8. I've posted in 4 or 5 forums that I'm a member of. The NEWT free gets me some of the information but I really need the installed software and such. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep looking.