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  1. So I'm wanting to get a carbine and pistol in 45 but I see 45 does cost more to shoot than the 9 mm I'm used to. So thinking it might be a good reason to start reloading. I have put it off for a few years because I mostly shoot 9mm and surplus ammo so my cost to shoot has been kinda low. With 45 ACP ammo going $0.50-0.70 per round how much cheaper are you reloading it for?

    I know if I buy all the gear I won't be saving money until I have reloaded a few hundred/thousand rounds but got to start some time right? I have been saving brass for years and my buddies have been giving me their brass so I have enough to get started with.

    And I want to do some long range shooting with bolt guns so a reloading setup will be nice.
  2. All depends on how much your willing to do if you can find a source of some free lead and cast your own bullets you can make 1k for less than a 100 bucks.

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    The brass will cost you about 35.00 for 500 used
    The primers are about 35.00 for 1000
    The projectiles are approx 60.00 for 500 -- from Extreme Bullets free shipping
    The powder is about 25.00 per pound -- enough for 500
    that comes to approx 140.00 for 500 rounds or .28 per round
  4. Thank you for the quick answer.

    I have some lead set aside I have need saving it for a few years and with the brass I already have it will be much smarter to start reloading.

    Now to start picking up some gear.
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    A good friend who reloads says that some Federal rounds (45 ACP) use small pistol primers, and most 45 ACP uses large. Watch out for that if you shoot Federal!
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    NE Utah
  7. Thanks for the link ajole.
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    RWS Brass is small primers also. You could find Federal and Blazer brass with small primer pockets.

    If you use once fired brass (not yours) check carefully as you will have problems trying to stuff a LPP in them, for sure on a progressive press. No performance difference with any load. Just a pain in sorting and prep.
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    That's what my buddy said.
    No performance drop off with the small pistol primers.
    Just a PITA ;)
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    27 cents per round

    total cost in my world (i am a firm believe in support local business therefor my prices are higher then most
    boolits 20$/100 (20 cents each)
    powder 27$ ((27$/7000 grains in a pound)*6 grains per load) rounded up 3 cents per load
    primers 35$ (35$/1000) rounded up 4 cents per primer
    brass already collected and i do not keep track of ammo i have purchased retail (lost track when the number went over 1000$ in a year because it hurt to bad to think about)

    total cost per round with my current loading is 27 cents per round
    keep in mind that a large part of the reason i do spend so much is because i support my local business
    secondly my bullets will land in the same place every time if i do my part

    the remainder is simply because i like to argue

    with some powders you only need to load 6-7 grains of powder (more then 1000 rounds per pound)
    how are you cramming 14 grains of powder into a 45acp accurate #7 max load data behind a 155 grain lead is only 13.3
    13.3=525 rounds
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    well after the initial cost of the equipment i reload my 45 acp for $40 per 1k but then i dont count the brass cause i pick it up when i can free and cast my own bullets and my lead is free so all im out is the cost of the primer and powder and i got my primers for $16 to $20 per 1k and powder was $20 per lb and i can load alittle over 1k per pound of powder but then i just make target load and go with the middle of the scale on the data. so im shooting my 45 cheaper than u can shoot a 22lr now days.
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  13. Love my Lee Classic Turret press !!!

    I cast my own bullets and my cost is .087 cents a round. Maybe 9.5 if you factor in propane and boolit lube.

    If you buy bullets then .30 cents or slightly less.
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    And just to address what the OP asked. Will reloading save you money or be cheaper....NO! It will not save you a single dime and in most cases cost you more. Why? Because you will end up shooting more often. :) I speak from experience. I got my hi-point 45acp and decided after all these years i was getting my reloading setup. After pricing everything out i was like heck ya i am gonna save a bunch of money too. Then the difference of having to see the green backs leave your wallet at the store for a box, vs just grabbing your ammo can of reloads sets in. It give you an excuse to get out shooting, i didn't have to spend any money today to go shooting. :) Just saying.
  15. You have an addiction :D
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    Start casting your own bullets from scrap brass. Wheel weights with a little extra tin(can come from many sources, linotype, foundry type, pewter...) work well in a 45acp. If you want to avoid working with lube powder coat them.
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    Use Titegroup power. Makes more rounds. Cast or shop online for bullet sales. Brass is also cheap online once fired if bought in bulk try Colorado brass.
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    My cost is less than 10¢ per round. I have a source for free lead and am not counting my time or the origional cost of the brass. I enjoy reloading, but not so much casting. I can generally pick up enough 45 acp brass to keep me going. Locally,1 pound of Unique cost $27, 1000 primers are $39, and 500 230 grain cast is $53. That equals about .7¢ each if I cast my own, and about .17¢ if I purchase bullets.
  19. Reloads cost me about $4.20 a box of 50 for 45 acp. I might shoot 50 to 100 each range trip and only do that twice a month so yes I will be saving money in the long run. I figure I have about 1K in reloading/casting equipment and mostly reload 45 acp soooo I need to make 2966 rounds to break even. After that it's all savings and I'm half way there.