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  1. Looking to go shoot with some family members, is there anything I need to know with bringing my firearms with me. I do not have a CCW permit, well I live in a state that don't let us have them. So there will be transported in cases and stuff. I just want to make sure that I will not have any issues.
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    Unloaded, cased, and ammo MUST be in a SEPARATE container from the firearm. Loaded mags in a case with the gun = big trouble with PoPo (this actually varies depending on the force, State Patrol and DNR seem to have more of an issue with it then local boys). Everything should be in the trunk, or as far from the driver as possible.

  3. Thanks did not think I would have problems but want to make sure
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    Here is the exact statute:

    2007 Minnesota Statutes
    Subdivision 1. Restrictions. A person may not transport a firearm in a motor vehicle unless
    the firearm is:
    (1) unloaded and in a gun case expressly made to contain a firearm, and the case fully
    encloses the firearm by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied, or otherwise fastened, and without
    any portion of the firearm exposed;
    (2) unloaded and in the closed trunk of a motor vehicle; or
    (3) a handgun carried in compliance with sections 624.714 and 624.715.
    Subd. 2. Exception for disabled persons. The restrictions in subdivision 1 do not apply to
    a disabled person if:
    (1) the person possesses a permit under section 97B.055, subdivision 3;
    (2) the person is participating in a hunt sponsored by a nonprofit organization under a permit
    from the commissioner or is hunting on property owned or leased by the person; and
    (3) the firearm is not loaded in the chamber until the vehicle is stationary, or is a hinge action
    firearm with the action open until the vehicle is stationary.
    History: 1986 c 386 art 2 s 10; 1993 c 269 s 12

    It says nothhing about having loaded magazines accessable or in the case with the firearm, as long as it isn't in the gun. Here is the statute of definitions (97A.015) definition on an unloaded firearm:

    Subd. 51. Unloaded. "Unloaded" means, with reference to a firearm, without ammunition
    in the barrels and magazine, if the magazine is in the firearm. A muzzle loading firearm with a
    flintlock ignition is unloaded if it does not have priming powder in a pan. A muzzle loading
    firearm with percussion ignition is unloaded if it does not have a percussion cap on a nipple.

    Hence it is legal to transport an empty pistol in a case with a loaded magazine in the case but not in the firearm, with the case sitting on or under the front seat.

    Certain officers may not like it but that is the law.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.

    Oh yea, bring warm clothing, I got up yesterday and the temp was -20 degrees (F).
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    Aye, there is nothing about it in the law. Apparently though, a lot of bad info has been given to state police units, relating to 97B.041 POSSESSION OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION RESTRICTED IN DEER ZONES. This statute bans the possession of nearly all firearms and ammunition in areas that can be hunted (most of the state outside the metro) during hunting seasons, unless you have a PTC, hunting license, or are transporting it as required by the statue you quoted, etc. I have been told (by persons in local hunting orgs that I don't consider BSers) that the state police have picked up a number of people based on this (all if which got sorted out, no charges). So no, it isn't the law. It is how some units interpreted the law (which may have changed, this may be a dead issue). I think you'd rather just keep the ammo separate and not have an issue, rather then get a nice apology letter from the police after being hauled in.