Question on .44 Special and .44 Russian

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  1. Trying to determine something--

    I ran across an old revolver at the local pawn--

    It is chambered for .44 Russian, but the guy at the counter swears you can fire .44 Special through it--

    I guess my lazy question is that how far off are the .44R and .44Spl?

    I would guess that it would be safe to fire a .44R out of a .44spl if the measurments are close, but maybe not the other way around.

    Any help is appreciated--

  2. I would check with an experienced gunsmith before firing anything but what the pistol is marked for.

    We can tell you one thing and be wrong and you could get hurt badly.

    None of us want to see that.

  3. I believe that 44 Russian is shorter than 44 special.

    Kind of like how 460s&w is the longest, then 454 casull in the middle and 45lc is the shortest.

    I don't know. I would be careful about using a 44 special in a 44 russian gun.
  4. I did a little looking--

    Looks like that while it may be safe to fire a .44Russian in a .44special, It probably wouldn't work vice versa due to the longer .44sp.

    I will keep looking..

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    We do too want to see that just not under above circumstances and not to one of our members. :twisted: :twisted: 8) 8) :p
  6. Often the old revolver cylinders were bored straight through with no 'step' at the end of the chamber. It was cheap and sloppy. That would allow a longer case to fit and as long as the overall length wasn't too long for the cylinder you could shoot the revolver. In the case of .44 Special in a .44 Russian revolver, this could be perfectly safe if the revolver is strong enough to be fired at .44 Special pressure. BUT, it's not a chance I'd be likely to take. You're much better off reloading to .44Russian specs after the revolver is checked by a competent gunsmith.

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