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Question on Suppressor

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OK, so here is my dilemma. I have a couple suppressors. One for my 223 and one for my AKs. The AK one suppresses horribly so I am toying with the idea of mounting it on a 9mm AR PCC full time.

It is a Huntertown Arms Kestral AK suppressor. The inner bore is oversized to compensate for non-concentric AK combloc barrels. The inner bore is .380 while an AK round is .308, more than enough clearance. I have watched vids online where people have shot 9mm through their Kestral AK suppressor. Issue is they all said they could drop a 9mm or 300 aac right through the suppressor, casing and all. Well not sure if I have a newer one but mine cannot. Just the bullet no casing will go through, 9mm and 300 aac bullets rattle around but don't get stuck though. It is rated for 7.62x39 and 300aac, not for 308. That is reason I ma thinking of making it a 9mm only one while still being able to use it on 300aac and 7.62x39 if I wanted in a pinch.

Other reasons not to make it 300aac or leave it 7.62x39.
1. 7.62x39 subsonic ammo expensive and does not cycle (tried it on my AKs, they don't have adjustable gas blocks)
2. 300aac subs are even more money so forget it and not set up to reload it
3. 147gr 9mm easier and cheaper to get.

So first question:

1. Is that enough clearance. .380 ID and .355 bullet OD for 9mm.
2. If that is not adequate clearance can I get the end plate and baffles re-bored to a larger diameter by a machine shop.

Best part about the huntertown arms suppressor is, you can take it apart. (Picture) Serialized part left, front part with removable baffles and front plate on right.
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IF I need to get it re-bored/opened up anyone know a machine shop that will take "machine parts"?

Finally, Huntertown is out of business, or I would just send it to them or order new baffles and endcap.

Help me brainstorm on this one!!!
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I know that ATF has been making rumblings about every part of the suppressor is the suppressor. They've used this as constructive intent for prosecution when people have washers that the ATF thinks they intended to eventually turn into a can but don't (yet) have a stamp.

It's stupid stuff like that (and the cost) that has kept me away.

That said, I'm very interested in your journey on this and will follow this thread.

Peace favor your sword,
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