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  1. This may be a question where most would go duh but he it is. What does the JC, JCP and jh JHP stand for with the 40 and 45s? Icannot get to the hi-point web site, it is blocked due to rating of weapons/bombs.
  2. Dean0659

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    JHP - Jacketed hallow point

    Couldn't find JC or JCP online.

  3. ToddGray

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    Hollow Point. We aren't killing witches, mummies, and the undead here.
  4. urotu

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    usually JHP does stand for Jacketed Hollow Point, however in this context, who knows...

    Let me explain. The JC is the old Hi-Point Designation for the .40 S&W pistol, as JH is for the .45 ACP. The new designation for the .40 S&W is JCP, because the new guns have a polymer frame, they added a P to the JC, as they did with the JHP. So, in the context of the question it's just the name that Hi-Point has designated for the pistols, JCP being the .40S&W, and JHP being the .45ACP.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, urotu!
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    JC stands for "Jesus Christ", as in he would carry this when he returns to visit, JCP means, "Just Cool Piece", and JHP stands for "Jesus has Plenty"
    because well, jesus likes this gun the most!