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...My first encounter with them was an off hand remark by a clerk "we don't carry anything like Hi-Points, we just stock the good stuff." And later I found some in a shop and they were brushed off as "cheap handguns" by the clerk.
Many gun store clerks work on commission... the commission on a $150.00 handgun is not as much as a $700.00 handgun. And even if it's a one man shop, he's going to make more money on that $700.00 gun, no?

Now, here's my question: I'm considering a Springfield XD9 for shooting and home defense, but I've yet to read a negative review of a Hi-Point by any reputable publication, but I'm very wary of them. I don't understand how a Zinc-Alloy blockback operated handgun firing high pressure ammo doesn't fall apart when Walther's P22, firing .22LR, has had several recorded failures (which actually sound similar to the few failures of Hi-Points I've heard). I'm pretty much asking to have these qualms put to rest.
Is 20,000 rounds through a HiPoint ameliorating enough?

And , then he only has to send it in and get it repaired, or an entirely new gun... because the HiPoint has a lifetime guarantee, that transfers from owner to owner... It is the gun that is guaranteed... forever

There's also the question of ammo cap. an 8 round mag in an HD gun seems very inexcusable when compared to the 12-18 that you can get out of similar striker fire weapons, especially if the user is going to be firing in a high stress situation. I've heard that Hi-Point doesn't want hi-cap mags for their weapons, but I'm wondering if they do exist.
10 round mags are available for the 9mm C9, the .380 and the 40 caliber. The 45 is limited to 9. In an Hd scenario, if you need more than 9 or 10 shots... best get yourself to the shotgun or rifle while emptying your mag on bad guys in your house.

And I know that I'm asking a lot of questions, but when it comes to automatic handguns my only experience was with a 1911 style weapon, which is what led me to the XD. I was wondering what "common" handgun the Hi-Points feel like.
I don't think HiPoints in any model "feel" like any other weapon. They can feel a little top heavy when unloaded... because the Zamak slide is heavy... but loaded, they feel well balanced. the best thing that you can do is get your hands on one and feel it for yourself. And, one other thing... any weapon you purchase for HD or any other reason should feel right to you... You may not like the way one gun or another fits your hand. Close your eyes, and compare if possible, all the guns you would like to buy. That said, if money is an issue, buy the best feeling gun in your price range.

Thanks in advance.

I'm going to add: the other guns in consideration for this position are (if money wasn't an issue, this first one is a definite) the Walther P99AS, S&W M&P 9MM, Springfield 1911A1 GI, S&W Sigma 9MM, Glock 17 and if I go with a caliber less than 9MM: Walther PPk in .380acp, Taurus LCP .380 and the Walther PK380
You are looking at fine weapons. All of them have had some difficulties and all of them have had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. If you should ever have to send in your HiPoint, I can assure you you will NOT have to wait for months to get it back... Their customer service is among the best, if not THE best in the industry. Good luck with you r decision... If you try the HiPoint, I don't think you will be disappointed...

And finally, Stay away from .380 anything, the ammunition is made in limited quantities by most manufacturers for only part of the year... If you want (must have) a .380 get one but make sure you buy your ammo in bulk (thousands of rounds) as soon as you find it.

I hope this helps,

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