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Hello, I'm new to "gun ownership" but not use and am currently shopping for a HD handgun. I currently own two revolvers that aren't really thought of as good choices for "home defense," but they're better than nothing. I'm not new to shooting and nomenclature, but I am new to Hi-Points.

My first encounter with them was an off hand remark by a clerk "we don't carry anything like Hi-Points, we just stock the good stuff." And later I found some in a shop and they were brushed off as "cheap handguns" by the clerk.

Now, here's my question: I'm considering a Springfield XD9 for shooting and home defense, but I've yet to read a negative review of a Hi-Point by any reputable publication, but I'm very wary of them. I don't understand how a Zinc-Alloy blockback operated handgun firing high pressure ammo doesn't fall apart when Walther's P22, firing .22LR, has had several recorded failures (which actually sound similar to the few failures of Hi-Points I've heard). I'm pretty much asking to have these qualms put to rest.

There's also the question of ammo cap. an 8 round mag in an HD gun seems very inexcusable when compared to the 12-18 that you can get out of similar striker fire weapons, especially if the user is going to be firing in a high stress situation. I've heard that Hi-Point doesn't want hi-cap mags for their weapons, but I'm wondering if they do exist.

And I know that I'm asking a lot of questions, but when it comes to automatic handguns my only experience was with a 1911 style weapon, which is what led me to the XD. I was wondering what "common" handgun the Hi-Points feel like.

Thanks in advance.

I'm going to add: the other guns in consideration for this position are (if money wasn't an issue, this first one is a definite) the Walther P99AS, S&W M&P 9MM, Springfield 1911A1 GI, S&W Sigma 9MM, Glock 17 and if I go with a caliber less than 9MM: Walther PPk in .380acp, Taurus LCP .380 and the Walther PK380
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