Rabbit hunting

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is this in humane

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  1. my little sister had pet rabbits that got lose and now their numbers went from 2 to 50 i use my high point 40 carbine for population control. ha ha fun any one want a fur or a live rabbit. ill post pics Tommoro. i have to take head shots bc the 40 s&w round destorys bone structure and rips them in half and messes up the fur. I find a 22lr is better for fur taking but not as fun.

    ps: this may sound in humane but i live on a 50 ace farm and they destory crops like its dooms day.
  2. Agent 47

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    Not something I would do, but whatever floats your boat.

  3. HPHooked

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    To those raised in the cities of this nation, this would sound inhumane. However, ANY farmer or rancher will tell you that rabbits, like armadillos, prairie dogs and other varmints, will very quickly destroy crops and valuable land. :evil:

    Shooting the rabbits is a great way to control the population. The only other way to control them is with their natural predators like coyotes, wolves, cougars, etc. But that brings dangerous animals into close proximity with your family. That is definitely not a good idea for children, dogs, cats, etc.

    My opinion, keep blasting away at those wascly wabbits. They multiply fast enough to keep you in active targets for a very long time. :D
  4. SteveD

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    The rabbit population around my place would go nuts if it wernt for herd reduction. Even with that it's really difficult to grow lettuce and other stuff in our garden. :shock:
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    the reason rabbits reproduce so fast is so that we always have something to shoot at haha.... i agree that a .22 works better if you are trying to save the furs but they also can run off when shot with a .22

    keep blastin at those critters
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    I used to, then I found that Coyotes and Burros can coexist. I dont shoot the coyotes, they eat the bunnies. The Burro keeps the coyotes away from my stuff. It's a happy Circle.
  7. Decoligny

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    Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit, Kill da wabbit, dun dun dun dun.

    A quick clean totally unanticipated death via removal of the head from the body via .40 is more humane than the adrenalin surging coyote chase that ends with the rabbit being torn to shreds. And you avoid being woken in the middle of the night by the little baby screaming sounds the rabbits make when being ripped apart.

    I took out a rabbit on my first time deer hunting. I had borrowed a friends rifle (30-06) with iron sights. It was 15 minutes past sundown (legal to hunt up to 30 past). Shot just a hair over the shoulder of the buck I was aiming at. He ran into the next county. I turned and a rabbit ran out from under a bush about 20 feet from me and stopped. I took careful aim and just nicked the rabbit on the back of the neck. POP off came the head and he ran around in a circle a couple of times. Clean kill, took him back to the camp and cooked him up for dinner. Made me feel a little better about not getting a deer that day.

    A .22 is probably a better primary weapon for taking rabbits for food than a 30-06, but if you are just varmint shooting, use whatever you are comfortable with and use the weapon you want to practice with.
  8. The funny thing is these arn't scrappy wild rabbits these rabbit/ these bunnies are exspensive to buy at pet stores {they are Angora Rabbits} and they are really fancey looking its kinnda odd but they destroy so much stuff so fast. Oh and we don't really have many natural preditors other than foxs in centural PA. My brother and i can go out and get like 15 i one sitting. it a relaxing activity and good marksmenship training. i save a lot of money on dog food jk!!
    ill have some pics tomm : :idea: :twisted:
  9. I love rabbit hunting, it's fun gives the dog's exercise and they taste great. (rabbits not the dog's)
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    i love rabbit hunting but i think a shotgun is much better for hitting them. Unless they aren't moving then a gold ol' .22 is perfect. the .40 is a little ovepowered but hey whatever works
  11. 22 works just fine for me. Tasty on the grill. :D
  12. The rabbit population out here in New Mexico is just hideous. The only real problem with that is most of them are jack rabbits, and they aren't good to eat. They stink, they are tough, and don't do well in fricasse. Most of the cotton tails actually reside here on base, but alot of them are actually hybrids from the cottontails and jack rabbits. I wouldn't eat one, that's for sure.

    .22 is good, but I thought it was funny when Taurus357 took his Tracker .357 to a rabbit at the range here on base. If his rear sight hadn't been messed up, that'd have been one dead rabbit. I about died laughing at his second shot. Must have missed that rabbits nose by about 1/8th of an inch. The funny thing was that all the dirt flew all over that rabbits head and he sat there for about 3 seconds shaking his head trying to clear the dirt out of his ears. Of course, thats about all the time he had before the next bullet damn near took his tail off. Rabbit takes off runnin, still trying to shake the dirt out of his ears... Taurus and I laughed about that for about a week. Hilarious.
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    duck season,,,,,,,,,,wabbit season,,,duck season,,,,,wabbit season,,,,,,,,,,,BANG,,,,, Daffy's bill is now on backwards ;)
  14. i love rabbit huntin however i perfer birds but rabbits are fun to i have found that a 17hmr works best it punches a smaller hole and if u use fmj rounds the bullet peirce through with out problem.
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    I misread the question and voted "yes" to inhumane. I meant to vote "no". Nothing wrong with pest control, and a quick kill is much more humane than traps or poison.
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    Are you eating the rabbits and selling the pelts or just letting them lay?
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    I voted 'No'.
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    Just letting there where they fall. The Bald eagles around here do a good job of clean up. In a day or two all there is left is some fur.
  19. rabbit and squirrel pops would be through the roof(and were) if it wasn't for the coyotes and owls.