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is this in humane

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  • send me a rabbit

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used to hunt the cotton tails w/ a .410 then id take 1 to school for lunch the following week. I got in trouble once cause they said eating rabbit was inhumane (city folk), cleared it up though since i argued it was legal game.

the jackrabbits were more rewarding though, my dad would give me $10 for every jackrabbit i brought him @ my grandfathers ranch.

there was one time my dad tried to take a jackrabbit w/ my 12ga. he missed the first 2 shots and the rabbit ran towards him and between his legs. The rabbit took off again and my dad missed his 3rd shot. the rabbit again came at him weaved between his legs then dissappeared in his hole less than 2' from where my dad was standing. it was classic.
1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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