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    I've been testing what will burn enough to boil water. Shooter z made the best suggestion with the hand sanitizer but if you can't find hand sanitizer, rain x works great. Just cut about 1 or 2 inches off a aluminum can and light it. I know it cost more but I had some in my shop and had to try it. It makes a good hot flame as well. It just don't last as long. It might do well as a jet burner but I have not had time to test it.

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    I never said anything about using it to create a fire only to clean your hands ect. ANY alcohol based item will create a flame. :wink:

    But it's good to know what will burn!!

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    Sorry about that shooter z

    I guess someone else brought that up. I am just checking out options to start a fire. With rain or snow you would almost haft to have items like this to get a fire going.

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    Another item to use if it is wet out is pine needles they contain pitch in them [even when old] and they will burn when wet
  5. For those of you who live in the Northern MidWest, you already know this, but as a reminder: the bark of the Birch tree will also burn when wet as it contains a natural oil. It burns hot, and relatively fast depending on how thick the bark itself is. However, the heat produced from a good pile of this tinder will usually dry small twigs and stick out enough to get them started burning.
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    Good reminder primal. I always keep a piece of Birch bark in my gear. When I was out west (Cheyenne WY F. E. Warren AFB) my wife and I chapparoned a youth camp. Well it was raining like mad and the kids were all soaked. I was able to get a nice warm fire going with a piece of bark and some pine needles. Those kids thought I was some sort of miracle worker getting it going with only one match too.
  7. Dead pine trees burn hot and fast as well. Great for starting a fire, but definitely need some hardwood for a sustained burn. You can also use pine needles to start a fire, just be careful because if you use to much, you could smother it. They smoke a lot too. Especially if they're wet.
  8. I never go into the woods without my favorite fire fuel. I carry it in a 35mm film container that you can get for free at the Walmart photo center. They have ones they throw out.

    I microwave a jar of Vaseline until it liquifies stirring every 30 seconds. When liquified, I take a cotton ball and dunk it in the Vaseline so it is fully coated. Set it aside and let is firm up. Once firmed and dried, put it into the film canister and a fresh clean cotton ball on top. Put the lid on and you have a water tight fuel you can bring anywhere.

    The clean cotton ball catches a flame easily, and once the soaked ball catches, it will give you between 5-10 minutes of great flame. Thats more than enough fuel to get a fire going. I have even used this in the rain with no problem. You just need to provide a quick fire source -- a match, lighter, or magnesium.