Rainier 115gr HP Copper Plated Bullets??

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by funguns, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Does anyone have any experience with reloading the Rainier Copper Plated Hollow Point bullets for their 995ts carbine? I am using Bullseye powder, trying to determine the COAL for this round.
    There is some published data from Rainier on this bullet, but the listed OAL is 1.165" which is also the max OAL for 9mm. Those won't feed through the magazine. Thanks
  2. I use them in 9mm largo, I use XTP OAL listings for them. Naturally mine will be longer than yours, but if use the XTP OAL for 9mm they should feed fine.

    BTW don't count on any expansion unless you really push the fps.

  3. moona11

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    I used them before. I think I used lead or closest jacketed round. But used Tight Group. You can use berry bullets to got them from rmr. Or extreme bullets. Shipping is free from rmr I think and extreme uses flat rate boxes. Both are generally cheaper I have found.
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    Use data for 115 grain lead bullets. 9mm is a high pressure round, small changes in seating depth can cause very large pressure spikes.