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I just bought my 4th press now i'm gona realy start to save some $$$.Greg_r do you anneal your cases before you form them? I do when I make 7.65 x 53 from .270 .

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I have become a convert to the Co-Ax press...it has plenty of leverage...its shell-holder system is GREAT...the open front makes using it very EZ...IT MAKES BETTER ammo than ANY other single stage press I have ever used...
I form cases on it with very little effort...ie., 270 to 8x57...338WM to 308Norma Mag..6mmBR to 22BR...etc...I have the long handle with a hand-grip half way up...but can use LONG handle for leverage if I need to...this is NOT a frail press...one werd of advice...the shell-holder plates operate with 2 springs...have a spare set on hand...they will often go into low orbit if you change over the plates or clean out spilled powder, and DONT have a spare set on hand...you dont need to ASK how I know.....lol
It has a used primer catch system that werks well.. NO primers on the floor...once inna while the tube will stop up with large primers...jes poke them out and keep going...
They are pricey..no question...but quality always is...very few are ever re-sold.they very HARD to find used..that should underscore wat a good press they are...once you have one..or run on one, you will never be satisfied with ANYTHING else..

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