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Brother commented to me last night about me getting rid of my Lee Precision reloading equipment. Wanted to know if I was going back to my roots. FWIW, he s a Hornady guy.

I started out reloading on Lyman Equipment as that’s what grandpa used. My Mentor, Pete used RCBS, and when I bought my first new equipment, I chose RCBS. I tooled along happily until the Great Fire of ‘99, when I lost all my reloading equipment.

Therein started my association with Lee Precision. I was in dire straights financially and needed to be frugal with (I hate to say this) unnecessary items, of which reloading was. Lee Precision allowed me to get back into reloading on the cheap.

Lee Precision gear was adequate. Richard Lee himself wrote that the average reloading person bought equipment that was unnecessarily robust for the tasks required of it. Lee Precision offered equipment that was good enough at an attractive price point. I adopted the personal policy that good was good enough and I loaded almost exclusively with Lee Precision almost exclusively for over 20 years.

Along the way Lee Precision came out with the Classic Cast and the Deluxe series of equipment. In my opinion anything from Lee Precision with the word Classic or Deluxe is in the excellent category. And was still...until recently...excellently priced. Theron lies my issue with Lee Precision of late. Price.

Likely because I have come to expect it, I want to pay less for Lee Precision equipment. That is only possible now wily just the Lee stuff that dosent have Classic or Deluxe in the name. The Lee Classic Cast single stage is now only about 30 bucks cheaper than the Redding Big Boss. Even the Lee Challenger press is only about 50 dollars less than the comparable RCBS RS5.

Lee Precision, IMHO, still has a "Best Buy" though. The Classic Cast Turret press. It’s a do it all press that can be used as a single stage, manually advance turret, or go auto advance and move along in "semi-progressive" mode. I don’t know of any other press manufacturer that offers anything like it. I would highly recommend this press for any person into reloading, wether that person is a beginner or an accomplished Reloader who only wants one press.

In closing, I would like to see Lee Precision do the “Deluxe" treatment to their safety scale and the “Classic Cast" treatment to their Reloader C frame press. If Lee had a Classic Cast Reloader C frame I would of likely purchased that before I purchased their computers cast iron C press, as long as it was not priced above $100.00.
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