Rambling Thoughts on Over/Under Shotguns and a Short Review of the Escort Silver Synthetic Shorty

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    Rambling Thoughts on Over/Under Shotguns and a Short Review of the Escort Silver Synthetic Shorty

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  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    There’s a reason the guys that shoot clays for prizes tend to shoot O/U.;)
    If you only need one or two shots, they are a seriously good way to go.

    My SIL has a Winchester 101 in 20, it’s got “not long” barrels, maybe 20-22”.

    That thing is about as sweet as they get. Easy to point, easy to hit with, you don’t even notice the trigger, and easy on the shoulder unlike many 20’s I’ve shot.

    Of course, the prices are high, even for used ones, which can be higher than new...it’s a Winchester, and it’s a good one.
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  3. SWAGA

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    I’d like a O/U shorty in wood.
    And a side-by-side too.
    I’ve been told I want too much

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  4. beaglenc

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    Yer killin me!
    I have been looking for a deal on a coach styled 20 or even 410 with sling points and had no idea that an O/U could be found w/ short barrels...UGH!
  5. Think1st

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    I need to add an over/under to the collection. Running a pump gun is doable for sporting clays, but the follow-ups are a little slower. I get reminded of that every time I shoot clays.
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  6. Pistolkitty

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    I love over/under! First shotgun I ever fired and the majority of my clay shooting growing up have been over/under. I do not own one currently but on my list.
  7. Jason Tucker

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    I dig a side by side coach length or SMS if you have NFA patience and money. Over and unders are fine but to ME they're kinda uppity doctor or lawyer guns. You know the kind that come in velvet lined cases and cost as much as a used car.
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  8. I got a Turkey made yildiz O\U in 12 ga for skeet and bird hunting I like it very much. Very light so I had to put a limbsaver on it to reduce the recoil. Academcy Sports & outdoors special, had it like 6 years. Only thing is you can buy new still for same price I paid 6 yrs ago. Kicks like a mule but is a sweet shooting shotgun.
  9. Outlaw

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    I was on the Air Force Skeet Team for 3 years and only shot O/U shotguns. From England to all over America I have fired cheap O/U guns and some of the most expensive shotguns in the world. (None that I owned of course. Mine was a B.C. Miroku, Jap Browning/tubed) There is a difference when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. That is a good looking shotgun. I'd have to hold it and shoot it to see if it would work for me though. Hope it works for you! Good luck ;)
  10. Outlaw

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    I've seen a couple that cost as much as a new Mercedes..just sayin ;)
  11. Outlaw

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    My next door neighbor has one...an old one...Won't sell :(
  12. Jason Tucker

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    Oh yeah I know. I'm all for fine quality firearms but damn!