Rambling thoughts on the 10mm Automatic
by Greg Ritchie


In the 1970's Whit Collins began working on a 40 caliber handgun round. Mr Collins and Lt. Col. John Dean "Jeff" Cooper and Guns & Ammo all corroborated in the project The end result was the 40 G&A, a round based on the 224 Weatherby Magnum case that fired a 180 grain bullet at 1050 fps. The handgun used was a Browning Hi-Power.

Col. Cooper favored the 1911 platform and wanted a longer cartridge that would fit the 1911 that pushed a 200 grain 40 caliber bullet to 1000 fps. The 30 Remington was chosen as the parent case and Col. Cooper began work on the 40 Super. The end result was a 37,500 psi cartridge called the 10mm Auto that pushed the 40 caliber bullet to 1200 fps from a 5 inch barrel.

Dornaus and Dixon Enterprises, Inc. Brought out the Bren Ten in 1983, a CZ75 inspired handgun that was the only handgun chambered for the 10mm Auto at the time. Dornaus and Dixon went bankrupt in 1986.

The 10mm Auto would have probably disappeared from the scene at that time except for Colt, who introduced the Delta Elite for The 10mm Auto in 1987. The Delta Elite, a series 80 1911 is still produced today.

I am told, but can not confirm that Vltor Weapons System has acquired the rights to the Bren Ten and will begin production of the Bren Ten this year. A brief look at their website did not mention it.

[photo: Ben Ten - By Beetle1911 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32649577]