Rambling Thoughts on the Advanced Armament Corporation 300 BLK Handi Rifle
by Greg Ritchie

When I decided to dispose of my Handi Rifle collection and replace them with Rugers, I decided I could not be Handiless. I selected a few of the Handi Rifles to keep.

My first decision was to keep the 357 Magnum or the 300 Blackout. After some deep, lengthy thought, about two minutes, I knew it was to be the 300 Blackout. In reality, either would have been good. The 357 Magnum Handi Rifle is easily reamed to 357 Maximum but with the 22 inch barrel the AAC Handi with it's 16" barrel is just more, well, handy! Plus I liked the phosphate finish on the AAC Handi.

Advanced Armament Corporation wanted an inexpensive way to get those who were not entirely on board with the 300 AAC Blackout to be able to try their cartridge. The Handi Rifle was their choice.




My AAC 300 Blackout Handi Rifle deviates only a little from the way it came from the Factory. I replaced the factory youth stock with a standard Monte Carlo stock. Put a KAK flash can on the muzzle and mounted a Simmons Pro-Diamond 1.5x5x32 shotgun scope.


I shoot cast bullets almost exclusively out of my AAC Handi Rifle. However, the rifle has a definite preference for the Hornady 208 grain A-Max pushed by H4198 powder. It will literally shoot three of these into one ragged hole at 100 yards. I shoot mostly the Lee 113 grain "Soup can" , the Lee 155 grain designed for the 7.62x39, and the Lee 230 grain designed especially for the 300 BLK.

The 230 grain cast pushed by Unique powder to just under 1000 feet per second is a very quiet load. It groups into less than 2 inches at 100 yards. The 155 grain cast is my general plinking round for all my 300 blackout rifles. These are pushed to over 1700 feet per second with IMR 4227 powder. These have a gas check applied and are sized to .309. They are surprisingly accurate, shooting into less than an inch at 100 yards. The 113 grain cast soup-can is another accurate bullet. It is a good substitute for the 22 Long Rifle, something I did regularly when the .22 LR was hard to find. I push these with Unique or 4227. The soup can 300 blackout is exclusive to the AAC Handi Rifle, they do not feed well in my other 300 BLK rifles.

I like rimmed cartridges in the break barrel rifles. A rimmed cartridge for the Blackout is easily formed from 360 DW brass or 357 Maximum brass. I formed most of mine from 357 Magnum though, just because I had a bit of 357 magnum brass laying around. It leaves a short neck, but it works ok. All that is needed is to make a rim cut in the face of the chamber, and run the brass through a 300 Blackout full length sizer. Standard 300 BLK brass still works just fine out of the rifle.



I really like the AAC 300 BLK Handi Rifle. Is it my favorite? Handi Rifle, definitely! It's right up there with my 45 Colt Buffalo Classic Carbine and my 45/410 H&R Survivor. But those are not really Handi Rifles are they? That's a discussion for another time!