Rambling Thoughts on the Centerline Systems Saw Pouch
by Greg Ritchie

I was in need of a saw pouch for my Bushcraft bag. I wanted to get my folding saw out of my bag and into an external pouch for convenience and ease of access.

A long search found no mass produced pouches like I needed were readily available. I would need to search out a boutique shop. I narrowed my choices to two, and finally settled on Centerline Systems, partly because I could order it in the colors that would match my pack, and partly because of the good reviews on the products that Centerline Systems sold.

I sent in my order and waited. The pouches from Centerline Systems are made by request, not sitting on a shelf waiting to ship. I settled in for what I thought would be a long wait, but was pleasantly surprised when in just a few short weeks I received a call from the owner letting me know my order was complete and would be shipping that day. What a nice personal touch. But it gets better. He let me know I had chosen a method of shipping that while good, was really no better than an alternate method that I could use and save a few dollars. I think most would not of taken the trouble to save a customer a few dollars on shipping.

The pouch itself is very well made. Not a stitch out of place and no loose threads.The color is a very close match. The pouch is sized to hold a Bahco Laplander or Silky Gomboy. I prefer the Hooyman saw and it fit perfectly. This pouch does have a sleeve on the back. I intended to find a was to secure my Awaga Canyon folding buck saw. I was happy to find out that my worries about the buck saw sliding through were unfounded. The saw fit snugly in the sleeve and is very secure.

I am very happy with my saw pouch and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the same.

Brown Outerwear Bag Sleeve Khaki

Outerwear Sleeve Beige Wood Grey