Rambling thoughts, the Ruger American Compact vs the Ruger Security 9. Part 1, comparisons.
by Greg Ritchie

I have always been a fan of Ruger revolvers. Outside of the MK series .22 and the 1911 their semi-automatics just left me wanting. They either had features or controls that I did not like. Enter the Ruger American Pistol and my view of Ruger's semi-automatic pistols changed. The American Pistol was followed by the Security 9 which has made a very large splash in the handgunning world. But which one is better? Let's take a look. The American Compact Pro model and the Security 9 will be the two pistols compared. Both chambered in 9mm Luger.

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The American Compact is a 12 shot, 17 shot with the full size magazine, striker fired, 6.65" long x 4.48"to high x 1.05" wide pistol with an empty weight of 28.7 oz and an MSRP if $579.00.

The Security 9 is a 15 shot, hammer fired, 7.24" long by 5" high by 1.02" wide pistol with an empty weight of 23.7 oz and an MSRP of $379.00.

The grip frame of both pistols is glass filled nylon. Nestled in the grip frame of the American Pistol is a steel chassis with split guide rails. The Security 9 sports an anodized aluminum chassis with full length guide rails. The American has replaceable backstraps, the Security 9 does not. Take a look at the rails on both pistols. The American sports a, 1913 picitinny rail. Is that a Weaver rail on the Security 9?

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The slide of the American Pistol is black nitrided stainless steel. It sports dovetailed Novak 3 dot sights. The slide sports crosshatch slide serrations on the rear, it has no forward serrations. The Security 9 has a blued steel slide. In a departure from Ruger's other economy offerings, the sights are not milled into the slide. They are a plastic white outline rear and dot front that are dovetailed into the slide. The Security 9 slide sports angled widely spaced serrations on both the front and rear of the slide.

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Inside the slide of the American Pistol you will find a stainless bull barrel with a captured dual recoil spring and steel guide rod. The Security 9 has a slimmer profiled belled barrel with a captured flat coil spring on a plastic guide rod.

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The trigger on the American Pistol is a steel bladed type. The Security 9 sports a very similar trigger, except it is plastic.

The American Pistol comes with Nickel-Teflon coated steel magazines. The magazines for the Security 9 are blued steel.

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The American Pistol sports ambidextrous controls, all except for the take down lever. It is a true toolless design. Remove the magazine, lock the slide to the rear, rotate the take down lever, and pull the slide off the frame, no trigger pull is required. The Security 9 is supposed to be toolless, but that is not true. A tool is required to remove the take down pin, the rim of a fired 9mm Luger case works fine. Pull the slide slightly backwards, hook the rim of the fired case under the pin and pry it out. Pull the slide off the frame. Again, no trigger pull required.

A quick comparison between the Security 9 and the LCPII is also in order. The Security 9 is really nothing more than an enlarged LCPII, both inside and out.

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