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    I know we have a topic on this, just can't locate it.

    Here's my thoughts of the day...maybe one of you guys is/was a Seal.

    What do the seals so with all their swim gear once they get out of the water? Flippers, masks, breathing apparatus, weights. Do they stuff it in a bag and carry it with them, drop it on the beach for somebody to retrieve, or leave it for the masses to collect next walk on the beach? Maybe I'm watching to much Seal Team on CBS.

    Next up...my music listening habits have changed. After decades of Grand Funk, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and all that other loud ass stuff, lately I've been listening to much softer music.

    Caro Emerald, London Grammar, Agnes Obel, all main singers are women. I listen to Agnes Obel at night, usually puts me to sleep within 30 minutes because of the sounds they play. Caro Emerald does jazz, to me she looks hot, even before she lost weight.

    Most of it I have no idea what they're singing/saying most of the time, but I didn't know what the rock dudes were singing/saying either. I even listen to Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard sings in a dialect all her own. Doesn't matter, her voice does it all.
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  2. Same here with music. I now listen to smooth jazz that's mostly instrumental, and stream the rippingtons alot. Also enjoy listening to steely Dan when in the mood for jazzy music with vocals. I have a 5.2 system and I'm really enjoying the switch from heavy rock to the light stuff with it. Also listen to some classical stuff and find the Harry Potter sondtracts to be quite remarkable.

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    Seals, Raiders, SF question?
    Depends in the mission parameters. I wasn't SF, but being in a MARSOC unit meant we got to train with a wide variety of guys from the SF side.

    You're on your own with music. I'm half deaf and had an ear drum replaced. I'm lucky if I can hear anything when there's background noise involved. Getting pretty good at lip reading though.
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    NE Utah
    No idea about the SEALs. I’d guess they destroy the good stuff, or cache it if planning to use it to egress.

    Music....pretty funny, I was all ‘70’s and ‘80’s rock; Styx, Journey, Steve Miller, etc. Then as I played with higher end stereo, I started looking for better recordings and better sound definition, so I got into New Age (anything on the Narada label, Andreas Vollenweider, and a few others) light jazz (Flim and the BB’s got me started on that) and then eventually, country changed to be like the old rock and roll, so now I listen to country radio a lot.

    But I also recently discovered London Grammar, and Agnes Obel. Small world.
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  5. From what I've read and heard about.. it actually depends. On actual missions? Stuff gets buried and left behind, destroyed, or cached for later retrieval.
    On training exercises and joint stuff? They have to bring pretty much everything but the ammo they use up; back to wherever they get them from, or they get chewed out by the Supply Sgts. Its the same with parachute gear. In the real world, its all technically expendable. But on exercises and the like, they gotta bring all that shit back.

    Edit. Its also why it seems the priority is to take an airfield or multiple landing sites and beaches first, in order to be able to stage fro them with additional equipment and structures.
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    Me too and they've both been at it for 10 years or more. I guess the music industry is like all the rest, only want you to listen to the music they push. Youtube is good for picking up new music/videos.

    Seals...I'm sure they don't leave behind their small submersibles, but you never know. I saw a lot of waste in the 30+ years I worked for the Navy.
  7. There are a lot of photos of supposed SEALs in Iraq and Afghanistan well away from water ;) they don't have to be next to water to be on certain types of missions. Honestly though, I was under the impression that the SDVs (Seal Delivery Vehicles) had a driver who return to the submarines that have the Dry Deck Shelters.. and that usually, the SEALs would be swimming up or to the little inflatable rafts to go ashore with? Be hard to bring that raft anywhere past the beachhead, so thats where they usually dispose or cache the swim gear...
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    Your list of '70s and '80s bands is my list, too. On the New Age front, I really enjoy Tangerine Dream.
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    I used to work with a guy that was a river boat driver in Vietnam. He would drop off teams of seals and they would tell him to meet them at a coordinate like in 3 days. They said if they weren't there to spin around and haul ass back to base. This guy was crazy and well suited for the job. We sure had some good laughs though.

    I imagine the battlefields are littered with items they use one time and leave it when there's plenty of use still in it. Watching the TV show Seal Team was what got me thinking about their swim gear.
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    Caro Emerald a few years back:

    caro emerald 1.jpg

    caro emerald now.jpeg

    She's Dutch, love that black hair.
  11. Speaking of smooth jazz.....
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    If you are looking for something a little softer than classic rock. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd is still making music.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Not sure what you consider country @ajole much of the new stuff is rap crap to me. Waylon, I have a greatest hits type album that is great. John Hiatt is my favorite singer/songwriter of all time. He can rock, he is funny, he is blues, and bluegrass. Saw him doing "have a little faith in me" last night on TV for the stupid Independence Day attempt at entertainment. His voice is going fast. Never has had a pretty voice. Smoking.

    Keb Mo is happy music.

    I need to dig out my Jean Luc Ponty CD's.

    How 'bout some Nektar?
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    NE Utah
    Like I said, modern country is just old time rock and roll, sometimes with a drawl.
    But it sure ain’t rap crap. Though Colt Ford does do some rap, sort of. But then, he was a professional golfer, so what ya gonna do?

    I like a German singer named Annett Louisan as well. Last album I bought was the Brothers Osborne, Pawnshop. The one before that was by Micah Tyler, a Christian singer. Kind of as if I like music in general. Which is why I don’t like rap. That crap ain’t music, it’s just vulgar rude poetry set to a rhythm.

    Annett Loiusan, a song about what happens when you drink too much Prosecco.
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