RAMLITE dust cover rail for VZ58/2008

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    Well as some of you may know I picked up a VZ2008 a little over a month ago. With my old eyes (damn reading glasses) i wanted to put a red dot on it. I just couldn't bring myself to get one of these:


    Almost as much as the rifle... So I came across the Ramlite Rail... yes its magnetic!! But $60.00 delivered (Ebay).

    So I tried it. I brought it to the range this past weekend and finally had a chance to write about it. It actually worked very well. I put a Vortex StrikeFire on it and the dot held true. If you try to move it it will slide slightly (very slightly) forward and backward but no side to side movement.

    It is nice just for the fact if i want to remove my optic and go back to irons it is quick and painless.

    Definitely wouldn't use this with any kind of zoom optic but as far as red dots are concerned i think its a keeper.

    Just my two cents, if anyone else has or heard of or know any other pros or cons please let me know and I would be more than happy to test them.

    I know I already posted pics of this but if you want them re-posted just let me know, I know we all love gun porn!!