Range 14, Ft. Dix N.J. 8-16-14

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  1. The old C9 burned up about 80 rounds of Freedom new 115 g. FMJ without incident. I never get tired of shooting that thing. But today was an AR day. I had the new floating tube/gas block/muzzle brake set up and the new AR 5OO steel targets to play with. I shot about 120 rounds of Igman 55 g. FMJ 5.56. I like the tube. The steel targets are neat but heavy. I need to tweak my funky target set up to lighten the weight up a bit. And at 200 yards it's hard to notice much of a 'reaction'. You can't hear the 'PLING' !!


    I liked the way the frag cuts the string holding the pill vial full of flour so much I had to slow it down at the end. :D

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  2. Youtube says your video is private.

    Your setup looks like fun but heavy.

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    Less likely to blow down.

    I like it myself.


  4. O.K. I think that'll fix it. It is a bit heavy but I have a short attention span so I need a lot of stuff to shoot at. I also had a real estate sign at 50 yards with a target to sight in and dollar store plastic plates on different height poles at 10, 15 and 20 yards for handgun double tap drills. Plus an empty Heineken mini keg. I need a cart.:D
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  5. I like the setup on the steel plates.
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    That's my favorite range. ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1410022263.574790.jpg

    My cousin replacing clays.