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    a little rusty hopefully will get better but this handgun is awesome !!! ,this was only (2) mags or 20 rds and was having a problem seeing the sights with my glasses fogging up from sweat .this is also at 20' distance or 6.50 yrds and some of the tighter groupings were 2"

    last time i actually shot a handgun was back in the early 80's while in the Marines and using a M1911A1 .45 cal

    also my shooting stance i was using today was the modified isosceles



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    no comments ??:confused: ,thought maybe someone would give me some shooting tips/pointers to help get better groupings or accuracy !!

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    Shoot more, get used to the trigger.

    There ya go.:)

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    thanks !! :) , the trigger even though it was 8lbs pull sure didn't feel like that in fact it felt very light . my issue was definitely sight alignment as i was having a hard time seeing the target and at one time actually removed my glasses so i could see better

    There was so much air flow from the AC system that the paper targets were swaying from the trolley rail system so the targets were hard to hit . Also i was using Federal Champion 9mm FMJ ... Muzzle Velocity: 1145 fps / Muzzle Energy: 335 ft/lbs

    and yes i know practice help alot !!! ,maybe in time i can take out a flea sitting ontop of a toothpick at 25 yrds one day LOL!!!

    one of the range safety officials there yesterday told me that is very good groupings for someone who hasn't shot a handgun in 30 plus years . Also said at that distance which is home defense distance was very good so that made me feel good
  5. One tip I have found that works really well is the trigger stripe drill. I had developed a bad habit during the recent ammo shortage by doing dry fire practice. I tried the trigger stripe drill and was able to diagnose and correct my bad habit in one outing.

    For details on the drill, look it up on you tube. Travis Haley is the shooter and Ron Avery is the coach.
  6. Just like riding a bicycle, once you learn you never forget. Actually for us old timers a 8# trigger is light for double action, which is what it seems S&W was going for on this model. A 12# pull is more the standard for DA revolvers, so 8# should be a breeze. The old colt DA revolvers used to be around 15#.

    Keep shooting, and maybe get a sweat band to keep your eyes clear. I don't like indoor ranges in the summer, they are way to hot. But not everybody can shoot outdoors at home, or there is a outdoor range close by.

    I have been wanting a SDVE, every time I am in the LGS I have to handle one. I really wish I would have bought SD40VE for the wife and I instead of our Glock 22s. The SD just feels better, and I like the longer pull.
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    thanks ... that 2 part video was very helpful and will try this on my next range outing !!!

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    last night i watched quite a few of Ron Avery and Travis Haley's vids on Youtube and all of them were very helpful !!!

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    went back to the range the other day with my S&W SD9VE and put 96 rds of 9mm WWB 115 grain at this target set out at 20ft distance again and here's the results

    noticed a hole that was starting to open up to the left of the bullseye and couldn't resist in making it larger LOL!!!! :D

    This SD9VE is just awesome and only had one stovepipe out of the 200 plus rds thru it in the last (2) range visits and the Stovepipe happened with a WWB 115grain 9mm rd from their 100 rd count box . Also notice i was getting a nice muzzle flash /flame out the muzzle with the WWB ammo and never noticed it with the Federal Champion ammo i was using the other day