Range day with Primal. Taurus you have been replaced!!! lol

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  1. Taurus that was just a stab at you. Primal said you would be disappointed that you couldnt make it. So blame primal lol.....

    Ok for the good stuff. The Weapons



    Shooting the Desert Eagle!!!! This thing is a HAUS!!!!!!!! Primal got some pretty good groups out of his reloads... (Even for a Air Force guy) Just Kidding man


    My turn.

    Primal with my Taurus 605 .375
    I think he was suprised by the recoil on this little pistol!!! But we both were hitting the steel plate @ 50 yards!!!!!!

    Primal with my M&P

    Primal with my 995.
    Ringing the gong!

    Let me tell you I had a absolute BLAST (pun intended). I went through 500rds of 9mm and 50rds of .38 special. Along with the .357 130gr that primal shot lol. Even got to shoot the .22 pistols. Nothing better than unloading a .22 pistol as fast as you can!!!!!!

    Got to do some 2 gun drills. Also did some close shot drills and move away drills. Even did some 2 man drills with Primal.

    Here is the end of the range session! It ended with the ShootNC target getting pushed through both of the targets with 115gr 9mm!!!!!! What a day!!!!! Primals target looked the exact same way.
  2. Man, THAT looks like fun! Great pics....

  3. Are you guys twins? LOL Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun.
  4. No we are not twins lol.....

    Wierd though we do look alot alike in those pics huh lol. He might be my long lost brother that got kidnapped by the Air Force.

    See the Air Force and the Army can work together lol....
  5. I was first just interested in testing my reloads, and started taking pictures.... Once we started doing those 2 gun drills, move-n-shoot and having so much fun, I kinda forgot about the camera.... The wife wouldn't let me bring hers, so I didn't get any video.... That would have been awesome!

    All I have to say about Stryker1's pistols, is I LOVE that M&P!!! That little snubby is a real nice pistol too, it's just really snappy with .357 mag loads. Ringing the steel plate @ 50 yards with .38 special loads was a trip.
  6. I never would have guessed that you like my M&P........ 34 rds came out of that thing and into that target in a hurry!!!! All we had to show for it was 2 empty mags and 34 holes dead center of the threat! lol What a great day lol.
  7. sounds like you guys had fun now I need a range buddy in the Pittsburgh area(yes this is an invite) I need to get another pistol one is just not enough :twisted:
  8. That M&P is an excellent weapon, and for the money, you can't argue with the outstanding performance. Now, if only Stryker1 didn't have to go back to Colorado and I had another full time range buddy, we'd be set to go. Hell, he and I would prolly be best buds like Taurus and I are.... Reloading together, shooting all the time, hunting all of it...

    Thanks for getting together with me Stryker1, I loved every minute of it.

    Hell, this guy drove over 50 miles from MacGregor Range where he works, to Alamogordo to meet me. We went to the range and then the guy paid for my meal at Burger King afterwards...

    Talk about a class act... I don't much care for ALL the Army Pukes that I know, but this guy is one I'd take a bullet for.
  9. Good pics! Yeah, y'all do look alike.

    I gotta find me some range buddies here too.
  10. Re: Range day with Primal. Taurus you have been replaced!!!

    If you guys look right above the star/white part on the front of Stryker1's hat, you'll see the brass from the Desert Eagle still in the air.... You can see it against the brown color of the poles that hold up the roof structure....

    I thought I had gotten one of that, but I didn't know for sure... There's the proof!

    If I'd been able to get some video, the fireballs on those reloads were pretty intense. :D
  11. Wow I didnt notice that until you said something... Thats F***ing cool!!!!!

    And dont kid yourself Primal paid my range fees..... That in its self shows what kind of guy he is! Have fun in the Sins brother! You still suck for that by the way...
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    I anticipate range time in Sin City when I get there.

    I am meeting that stooge Primal the first hand today, just to place a name with the face!
  13. hey primal how bout a sticky in the lounge for range trips so guys can meet up and shoot 8)
  14. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

    I need a shootin' buddy.
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    thats just primal w/ 2 different shirts on!
  16. Yeah, what you didn't see is Stryker1 sitting in the back of my truck all tied up with no shirt on as I shot up all of his ammo and his guns.... :wink:
  17. You suck.... Wish I was there, really do.
  18. Taurus, with all the good range time you and I have had together, it's time we started sharing the "love" so to speak. You've had time with Muerte and Huggy, so I have been "replaced" so to speak as well... It sucks, but that's how it is. We'll have more range time again, don't know when it'll be, but it'll happen....

    Missed you that day for sure.
  19. Hey Primal,
    shooting by yourself isn't all bad. I'm used to it.
    Plus, if you're having a bad day on the range, no one's there to harass you about it. :p
  20. patriot you have that right :)