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    well hereI go again.

    I have frove my arse to the range again only to find it is yet again not open.

    I call the contact # and am told the hours are from 10am till 3pm.

    Upon showing up at 10 am and then leaving sat. I find out later that it was infact open just later.

    The contact info is poor at best. and the range seems to be run on a good ol'e boy system.

    After getting the run around by the Provost Marshal and then Range control. I find the range is Once again Sheduled for the 3rd of nov and 11 nov.

    Some how I think I will find that it will infact open the 4th and 10th.

    This is become comon practice for this range at Fort Riley. Dates subject to the buddy system change.

    I am quite angery yet again.

    So I have found other ranges. I came across the info threw another Gun nut having the same luck as myself.

    One range seems to be the Gun snob range. If you have no ----Daily ? shot gun or fancy revolver you cannot shoot.

    The other is a little less known but seems very promising.

    Sorry for the vent but this has become beyond ridiculous.

    Thus as some of you know has beena major factor in the why I have not fired a few of the peices in my arsonal.

    And the main factor of why I as of yet do not trust the C-9 and am dissapointed like a child with quivering lip about the XD.

    I had my hopes set so high to fire that thing. MAN.

    I feel like a red headed step child. Nothing against red headed step children. lol
  2. if ya can't vent here, where can ya vent?????

    PC is pretty bad when you can't make fun of red-headed step children. What's the world coming to........

    [ just kidding of course - moderators, please feel free to delete the comment about venting........ :lol: :lol: ]

  3. Heyyyyyyyyyyy my wife was a red headed step kid! :wink:
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    Do you beat her?
  5. I have better sense than that. If I tried you guys would never hear from me again LOL
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  7. Uraijit

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    That makes it a good answer.
  8. Oh the hilarity!!!

    What was that someone said about a whipping boy? I think it was Uraijit..... maybe that's where he gets all of his angst from... :wink:
  9. Primal if my wife gave you one of her looks, you would say "Yes Ma'am" and go about your business. I guarantee that.

    She puts the red in redhead.
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    Not much of a whipping boy here. I don't put up with bullcrap. My wife doesn't either, so we're a pretty bullcrap-free little family.
  11. Its all a matter of choosing your battles carefully LOL
  12. lol nothing against redheaded step children :lol:
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    Lol....heh, says the guy as his avatar shows one stooge getting a cut down Louisville across his grape... :)
  14. Why some of my best friends are red headed step children LOL :wink:
  15. Thayldt21, do you think this is something you can take to the IG or the "Post King" *read General or commanding officer*. Maybe the Services commander can do something about it. Hell dude, start filing complaints with anyone who'll listen. I am sure you aren't the only person that's getting hacked off about this situation. I'd take it up the chain for sure. Start with your wife's supervisor and work it all the way up to the General. Heh, that's just what I would do, = my $0.02.
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    This range is ran By volunteers and thus there is no real chain for complaint.

    The only true fix for it would be to volunteer myself, as a prior service NCO the only requirement is to attend a range safty class. MY service class is out dated. Only good for 1 year.

    Then you safty the range with 1 of the other volunteer's.

    Now remeber they are buddie's so gettin in is alittle difficult. The head honcho is not the buddy type but is a buisy man who is also fustrated with the number of volunteers that just blow it off or show up at there leisure.

    The thought off volunteering has crossed my mind but I also could see the day I don't feel like goin in and really peeing some guy's off.
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    I don't think it's worth the effort to try to get on Ft. Riley. I have a friend that lives in Woodbine and i usually just go shoot out there, plus he doesn't give me any crap for shooting a Hi-Point or the fact that it is a .380 If I remember right there is a pistol and shotgun range on spur 244 where I took my hunter safety corse that you might want to look into