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range rack

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at work one day my manager (i work at a wal-mart) asked me if i would haul some scrap metal (i have a few friends that haul scrap for extra cash) anyway i agreed upon picking up this scrap i found the old black power gun display,,no scrap there,,some of the other metal was cut and welded to make the frame and the rack parts hooked on so now me and my friends now have a nice place to put our weapons when were out shooting on the "home range" point is if ya get friendly with the local wal-mart guy ya might be able to get things like this when their done with them.

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That is awesome! I could use one of those at my house. Nice work!
Woah that's great man! Heck of a find there, I'm sure that'll be really useful...especially if you shoot at places like I do where there isn't really a good place to set your firearms down in between shooting.
That is AWESOME!!!!!!

Sorry, thats the first thing that popped into my mind.
NICE!!! Now how do you mount it to your truck.......... :devilsidesmile:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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