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  1. I had a good lunch today. I took the Titan .25AUTO to lunch at the indoor range. The appetizer was FMJ and the main course was 35gr JHP. It ate every bite and spit out the husks.

    It was the funniest thing. The first round I shot it thew the casing straight back and it dropped right down the open neck of my shirt.

    I even good a couple of decent groupsing (see pic) I was shooting at 20 feet. I was surprised I got groupings at that distance at all with the little thing. It shoots very well! Compared to everything else I've shot, hardly noticeable kick.

    It felt good to leave work, shoot for 30 minutes, then come back to work

    Oh, BTW, I had told my wife I'd sell the .25AUTO as part of the deal on getting the PA-63. She told me today that I really didn't have to get of the .25AUTO after all. I got me agood 'un boys!

    I can't wait till my 9x18 ammo gets here so I can go shoot it.

  2. For the Titan .25, that's damn good groupings! Nice going!

  3. Thanks! I'll be sure to post a range report on the PA-63 when UPS brings my ammo. I'm expecting much better results out of it.
  4. Gotta love those little pocket pistols!

    What does a box of .25acp run these days?

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    Once upon a time I owned a Raven 25 acp. I loved everything about it.
  6. Oh yeah. What I like about it they say that with the JHP bullets you get the same ballistics that you get with a 32. That's tolerable at close range.
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    Memo to self:pick up mouse gun.Have a boatload of fun. :D