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  1. Dagwood

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    So, I bought this gun a while back and I really like it. I bought it because I have It's little brother the ATI HP9. The 9 has been perfect. The .45 not so much.
    I have been unsuccessful finding a new magazine for it. It has been having a lot of failure to feed issues. I found a Beretta double stack replacement spring that fit. It is a much longer spring. It makes it hard to get the last round in for a full mag. That I can deal with, just load 8.
    Anyway, Now the last round is the one that fails to feed. All other rounds feed perfect, but the last round doesn't feed, I have to recharge the slide then it will feed. This occurs whether I load a full mag or only load 3 rounds or 5 or 7.
    Has anyone here had this issue before? If so, what causes it and how do I fix it?
    As always, I respect everyone's knowledge and opinions. Thanks for the help
  2. talon

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    Sounds like the new spring is tilting the follower and not allowing it to feed at the proper angle. The pressure of a full mag lets everything work, but that last round the spring pressure over powers things.
    You might want to clip a section out of the bottom coil. Start small you can always remove more if needed.

  3. Dagwood

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    That makes sense. I'll try that for sure.